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PS4, Xbox One, or Wii U?

Xbox One
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Wii U
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By Olanov
If I would have to pick one, Wii U for being most unique out of those, also perk of having free online.

I'm not getting any of these, though. Screw next gen.
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By pete
I will also stick with PC, PS3 and earlier stuff. I just get the feeling that whenever I buy a newer game I first have to sign up and register to all kinds of bollocks so that I am able to even play the game. To go online on PS3, you need a PSN account. To play Battlefield, you need an EA account. To play Driver SF, you need a Ubisoft account. To get Film Director mode and stuff you need a Uplay account. I think that with all the new fancy functions of the new consoles you are just likely to need more accounts and provide more personal information.

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