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Do you think that nowadays games should be harder and challenging?

i remember reading reviews of driv3r and 1 of the main points being that the game was to hard. Always made me laugh! bring back the difficulty
Looks like I'm the only person so far to vote "no".
This is very much a personal preference.

I liked how I could sit back and relax while playing Saints Row 3. I find the difficulty to be suited to my abilities and even Driver: San Francisco was alright for me in terms of difficulty. The reason I don't want games to get harder is because I find myself easily frustrated when doing a repetitive action like having to repeat a mission. It never used to be like this, it appears to have been a change in my brain chemistry when I started getting uninterested in things except my studies when I was 17 and it progressed as I left school and furthered my studies. This gets confusing with a couple of other things that changed regarding my concentration which made it difficult for me to understand a games story line unless there weren't as many distractions between missions, but that's getting a little further from the point. I believe it's all linked to developing Attention Deficit symptoms in the process of becoming a young adult. I find myself easily distracted when doing those repetitive tasks as they are considered boring which is a common ADD trait.

I also believe games have softened up a bit because there maybe a smaller ratio of hard core gamer's than there used to be with so many getting into smartphone/tablet gaming. Where getting into a world where everyone wants everything to be easily accessible and I think game developers want to allow these newer so-called lite gamer's to play there games and actually get through all the levels at ease leaving hard core gamer's on the boringly easy path. I guess they want it to be easily accessible to all.

But there should be an option for everyone.

Difficulty Sliders is a great idea. Personally I use Normal/Medium for Driving Focused/Racing Games and Easy for Shooters.
Well said, Madness. I think it's a shame that Driver San Francisco lacked a proper difficulty slider.

A lot of games should stick to letting the gamers choose their preference on it. A lot of games do it in fact. A good example of a game that's too hard would be Emergency 4 on my books. On some modes it just becomes impossible as more, and more larger incidents keep piling up one after another and you just can't be in control of anything. It totally kills my mood.
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I would say no, mainly because I'm crap at video games :D

I could never finish games, the first Driver one I finished was Driver 76 when it came out. I then finished Driver on PSOne a few years later. I never finished Driv3r properly - that "Unlock all missions" cheat should come with all games! :) I finished Parallel Lines with help as far as I can remember. I got past Chicago for the first time last year playing Driver 2 on my Xperia Play. In fairness though I did finished San Francisco in a day or two.

So maybe I'm better at them now.

Still though, keep them easy! :)
YES , It took me a few years to beat Driver 2 & the first Driver ( the first one, especially the NYC missions..........and the last level....gave me a headache lol ) But yeah even in Driver 2 where you have to find the clue or a key in one of the 4 cars , also the mission where you have to ram that guy's car off the mountain in Brazil ( the guy who shot Jones )

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