Discussion for Driver: San Francisco (2011)
Okay, so this is the thing.

I've enabled debug console which is founded in the scripts (and probably left there because devs rushed to finish the game), but, problem. Every time I wan't to get into free roam, game crashes. Maybe I did not edited something which is required for debug console? Well, maybe. Probably, haa. Because many functions are left in the game for singleplayer and multiplayer. And debug options are left, they are now just like this one:

action = ()
RaceManager.ToggleDebugGraphics ()
OnlineRaceManager.ToggleDebugGraphics ()
PauseMenu.resume ()

..and many more.

Traffic spawning has own logic for own city areas. But, those areas are in vectors, like:

vec.vector(1175.356, 5.946, 875.477, 1)

I have no freakin' ide how to get them. BUT, BUT, BUT, traffic settings can be edited, and when you get proper vehicle ID (e.g. model ID), you can re-write the whole script with only one car model ID (ofc with over 400 lines and many vectors). And, when you edit trafficdata, you need to edit two or three more files which are working with game logic data for car spawning. But I don't get those files? Will keep lookin' for it..

GUI can be edited, but in .fchunk of the GUI_SinglePlayer - there is many more chunks. Yes, only chunks. I did not manage to decompile them.. But if anyone knows, please let me know! If we, somehow, decompile them, we could do whatever we wan't with the HUD.

Single player split screen can be enabled too (just like the debug console), but again, there is many leftovers with the scripts that need's to be re-writen in order to work. It is not big deal, I will explain that in other post if you wan't to.

Car models can be extracted from the game too, editable, using 3DSMax with scripts. Yes, scripts need's to be written to read the UV data of the models, because if you extract them without the script - you will just get geometry. Fair enough. :roll: UV cords are crypted and applied to model texture. So, yes, car mods could be done, but again.. those scripts :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :|

I will keep this up-to-date, so we can do some things with it.
Firstly, I need to figure out that traffic spawning. Other things will be here with the time.

PS: We are going to kick the s*it out of D:SF, because Ubi did not finished this perfect game!

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