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By Markhoss
Hello everyone and thanks for reading this post.
I have decided to start a project where we recreate a pc version of driver 2.

I don't have much development skills (programming is something I could never understand)
But I did use to design models in blender3d and I can export textures from games and use fl studio a little if that counts although it's more of sound production, also many years back I started with gamemaker in school but that's changed so much over the years.
I've probably forgotten most of the skills but getting back into it would definitely be fun and I can't think of a better example then this game.

On the other hand I have been reading about game development over the years so I have some knowledge and am willing to learn. I am often watching videos about game creation and recently have found a good set of videos on udemy that I use to study.:-)

Driver 2 was always one of my most favourite games since childhood and I believe if we stick and work together as a team I am confident we can make this happen and also we can always improve on the way!:-)

Anyone would be able to work on it as it will be open source and on top of that it will be free for download, github might be where we will base our work and with unreal engine I am hoping we can somehow put developers into a project where more people can work on it.

We will need C++ Programmers as that's what Unreal Engine uses and something I can't do personally, as of yet.
Although I did make a few basic 3d models it's a while back and I'd need to get back into it again so it might help if we get some model designers too. Lastly animators that will create the cutscenes for missions although from the start we could use the video that the psx game provided, however for cars and characters within the normal game it will be needed.

Another reason I am creating this project is because it seems that the unity game by skylabh seems to have been stopped and there's no updates from it, on top of that there's no other driver 2 pc editions remakes that I know of.
As well I think Unreal Engine is far better, I've never really liked unity.

Also I have created a discord server for this project so that we have some place of communication and where we can announce things so here's a link for that.:-) (I hope it's ok that I am posting a link here since it's driver related)

All things are being created mostly from scratch so everything's new including the discord server so there's nothing at the moment.

Please apply here on this forum post or if you are interested in participating feel free to write it in the application section in discord.

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