Leave your feedback for Driver Madness here, whether it be a website suggestion or just feedback in general.

Your opinion?

Would like to read into Soaps fan game development a bit more, but can't imagine having to read over the daily cancer over there, so I just leave it. If you read this Soap, please re-engage your thread! Is tidier in forums instead of a chat.
Wait, what?! SOAP is actively working on Driver Syndicate?! I never used Discord and never will, so I second this request, SOAP!
Wait, what?! SOAP is actively working on Driver Syndicate?! I never used Discord and never will, so I second this request, SOAP!
He never abandoned the project, although he remained quiet about it.
And I would like to thank him again for the help he brought me at the time (Y)
Yeah i wish the discord didnt kill this site, i liked being part of a Forum. I just lurk around the discord now. Its hard being in different timezones tho, im asleep when everybody is active.
I don't use forums much anymore simply because they don't allow me to have "instant" conversations with people. I remember the days of responding to someone and not knowing if they ever saw it or not. Whereas on Discord, I can see when people are online or offline (yes, there's also "invisible"), and managing a set of channels is much easier than managing a forum that's over 10 years old! Also understand that I use Discord to talk with my friends, some of which I've known for so long, we used to have MSN Messenger group chats!

I guess forums just aren't my thing anymore. At least not this one, since it runs on PHPBB3...very frustrating to use, modify, or even change settings! But the question of the Discord "killing" Driver Madness? No, it's not. Our community is stronger than ever and the majority of people on the Discord are very happy to see such a large engagement by the community on a regular basis. There's always people having a chat or a personal project being worked on. Driver Syndicate's latest developments have been showcased on YouTube and have attracted many new members to the Discord!

One thing I like about Discord is the ability to instantly upload pictures. With a forum like this one, you have to manually upload it to a site like Imgur, copy the markup, paste it into your message, and repeat the process for each picture. On Discord, it's as simple as dragging it (or even pasting it) into the chat. Instantaneous! If these forums had a similar feature, maybe it would help!

My absence here is more of a personal issue rather than anything to do with the forums themselves. I am fully aware that the Discord is a "detachment" of our main site, and I have failed to keep everyone updated. I really do need help sharing information about my projects and accomplishments here, since managing multiple communities can be a hassle for one person.

As for drama, it's always been a staple of Driver Madness. It used to happen frequently on the forums, and still happens occasionally on the Discord as well. I won't pretend it's been all roses and pony farts on the Discord, but 99% of the time it's a pleasure to interact with everyone there. I actively encourage people to contact me on Discord (@Fireboyd78#2107), because it's always open on my second monitor. You're more likely to get in touch with me on Discord than here, as I do have a bad memory and don't always check my messages here. Sorry about that.

Long live Driver Madness, both the forums and our Discord! Here's to 10 more years of awesome things happening!
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