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Would you like to see more forums relating to games/ programs?

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By bb_42001
Hey guys just interested in what other games everyone plays or has an interest in? Or is there a program doesn't have to be game related that use a lot?

Also, would you like to see more forums for other games, including modding them or tutorials? Including programs. If there is a forum you want to see about a game or program and there is interest in it, would love to add it so people can post everything they would like as i believe we need to open ourselves up more on Driver Madness. Driver will still e at the core, But lets see what we can do to expand.
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By LoneWerewolf
Need for Speed is my all-time favourite racing game, I enjoy most of the games in the series. I also like Forza. As for shooters, big fan of Halo, Battlefield and Payday 2. Finally, I really enjoy playing Rock Band and Guitar Hero.
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