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By madness
So I was wondering what I had done in the game so far and decided to go to the stats panel on the mobile device. I was expecting total played time, vehicle distance driven, etc... but could only find very simple things. I dunno, I just love keeping track of everything I've done in the games I play and so many games these days have a full on statistics feature but oddly I couldn't find one in Watch Dogs, do I need to wash my eyes out or is it simply not there.

I know it's not really much to complain about, but being able to look at my statistics would get me more into the game. I'm a very statistical guy. I guess maybe they didn't include it because they might think it's a very grand theft auto thing since GTA III was one first open world games to implement it properly (that I know of).

I could do with just a gameplay time, but uPlay doesn't keep a record of how long you've played the game for. It actually may know it just never shows it and then you have the algorithm used to determining whether your playing the game or have it paused or left it on without playing it. I think I did read they were thinking about implementing it and the fact it shows us our session time played leaves me to believe they keep track of our gameplay data.

I'm just hungry for more statistics :mrgreen:

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