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By Wheelman75
OK, so at first, I was excited to see this game being re-released for Wii, but after seeing the trailer for it, I'm a bit apprehensive now because the level designs that I've seen have been altered a bunch. If the level designs have been messed around with, then who knows what else might have been messed with?

I mean, the reason I love Perfect Dark for the Xbox 360 is because 4J Studios just gave the game a fresh coat of paint without changing the engine, transmission, or whatever else was under the game's hood. I mean, I can understand that the developers of the new Goldeneye, Eurocom, want to do more than just a straight-up port with a candy coat of paint, but Goldeneye is one of those games where if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Then again, Eurocom has also developed The World is Not Enough & Nightfire, both solid entries in the James Bond video game series, so I feel a bit better. I just hope they know what they're messin' with...

So yeah, Emmet's not the only one who's worried about a new game from this year's E3.
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By Wheelman75
See? I told you that I was apprehensive after seeing it. However, if it brings back all the old music, the old weapons and anything else that made Goldeneye fun, then I'll be...golden!

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