Where you can talk about how awesome your PS3 is and remember all those classics on the PS1!
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By Driver of DOOM
Dunno (and don't care) if its the right place, but who has seen that sexy PS3 slim, curse my not being a spoilt brat! Hopefully this should mean a nice reduction for old consoles being traded in, so cheaper PS3s and that should mean more of them and more support (i don't like Microsoft's monopoly in the gaming world).

Anyway, what do you think about this or is it just sony's last ditch attempt to save their failing playstation brand?
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By Nikusakken
It looks nice, but I think it's expensive ($300). But well, if it increase the sales of the PS3.
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By Driver of DOOM
Yep, that it certainly is, but the number of features packed into a tiny capsule! Well I suppose that still offers seldom explanation as to why it is almost double what the PS2 was 3 years after launch!
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By Sedans
Yeah.. too bad I stay on the money-sucking xbox.
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By emmetmcl
Not too excited about it really.

Looking forward to getting the PSPGo! though. Looks quite cool.

I just hope there's some way of downloading the UMD games I have for it.

Plus, I think, if you register it within the first 10 days you get Gran Turismo free (in Europe anyway)
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By Driver of DOOM
I want grand terrorism, whats this now?
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By Driver of DOOM
Sometimes I think I should get one as my best ru,bles and crashes quite a lot, but thats mainly due to the sh*t I have filled up its little 40Gb HD with. Did you have a fat one before?
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By bb_42001
no, i owned a ps2 before, but i bought the slim the day it was released in Australia.
By Lost Account #3425
Its a good console for play my favourites games, I am convinced by its design, and it took me a while to get used to the design of the go, and I really like it. Also, the PS3 is one of the best upconverters on the market. I have a super-duper-genious-edition HP HTPC but it doesn't compare at all with my PS3.

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