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Did I mention RD has been released for a few weeks now?

I'm always updating it for bugs, features, and new additions. I'll release a link here once I upload a patch tonight.

Highlights include real-time vehicle damage, updated player car models, vehicle lights (and turn signals), addon track support, updated Seaview and much more! The game has a few races, and support for addon vehicles was the first main priority.

For the next update, I will be including a new mode: Missions! This mode will allow players to load Lua scripts to create and edit their own missions! A mix between Midtown Madness's Crash Course mode and Driver's Missions!

I will be creating some docs for nomenclature for vehicles and tracks soon. All vehicles and tracks use the OBJ format to make it easy to edit and create from any software.

Here are a few screenies. (note the top image has the updated post, while the bottom few doesn't)






Just so everyone knows, Arrow Block Entertainment has been a real registered company for a few months now, I would appreciate all of your support in releasing new titles under the official and legalized name :)

This update is an expansive one, including new vehicles, races for Seaview, and a huge city expansion that almost doubles the size of Seaview itself. Race along new alleyways, highways, parks, and blaze your way downtown into the new and improved Seaview. Many new races (though missing some features) will have you playing for a while, while new optimizations and graphics features push the game further into the 21st century!




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