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Welp, I got sidetracked again. I decided I was going to set up all my developing tools on my Linux Live USB Drive so I can take it to school and work on it there, when I decided I may f**k around trying to get the actually game to work on Linux. So, I used Winetricks to install a few dependencies and what do you know, it works damn good! Only problem at the moment is the cutscenes but thats because of the Windows Media Player dependency. I'm planning to do cutscenes in the next version in something other than an actual video format. I may try to have a little in-game slideshow going. But point is, I'm just going to be getting rid of that Windows Media Player dependency in the future, as I know that has actually kept people from being able to run the game. But now that its running in Wine, it is also possible that this MAY be able to be run on a Mac. And to close this post, I'll leave this screenshot to give fellow Linux and Mac fans a nice hard-on:


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