Discussion for the fan-made game DrIVer: Russia (TBA)

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By Wheelman75
As bb_42001 requested, I decided to create a banner ad for DrIVer: Russia. It's in my sig, and you can put it in your sig to advertise the game if you wish. I just hope Chris has decided to not cancel this game & to keep working on it.
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By Sedans
no i diddn't its just it was 2am in the morning when i read it so i wasn't going to do it then, i will see what i can do today
So.. how's that working out?
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By bb_42001
badly, i looked at the ACP and i can give you a thing but you wont be able to change it.

and the page i am making is still on my computer atm lol, i am trying to get "someone the user" to give DM the exclusive of the next version of DTE so we get more visiters.

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