Projects to be completed for the DriverWiki.
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By madness
This is something I planned to do a while ago.
But of course you'll notice that it's blank on the DriverWiki page, because I haven't gotten to it.

But also because there is no point at the moment.
There aren't many pages, and very few images.

But this is something worth organizing now, to be prepared when it's time. Which should be around early next year, depending on how things go.

This is something which should be thought out well.
I think we have to find a way to decided a page of the week rather than someone thinking that this page is the best. Possibly a voting system.

You could set up a topic each week asking the community which page/picture they think is the best for that week and the one with the most votes makes it onto the first page.

Perhaps, during the early stages you can pick a random image just to practice getting started.

Some links you may be interested in.
list of uploaded files
all pages

Please note, the link above only shows you pages in the "main" namespace. There is also:

"Driver" namespace ... espace=100

"Driver 2" namespace ... espace=120

"Driver 3" namespace ... espace=140

"Driver: Parallel Lines" namespace ... espace=160

"Driver: 76" namespace ... espace=500

"Driver: Working Title" namespace
namespace not avaliable yet

"Driver: Vegas" namespace ... espace=800

"Driver: LA Undercover" namespace ... espace=810

All these namespaces can be selected in the list on the Special:AllPages page.
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By T.K.
So it's approved?
I did ntice it was blank, nd that's why I decided to take it.
I REALLY want to help out.
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By madness
Yes, It's approved :!: .
Picture and Page of the week project is all yours, unless anyone else shows any interest and wants to help out.

Keep us all up to date here so we all know what's going on.
The future of the Picture and Page of the Week!

[REQ] [PROJECT] Pic and Page of the Week changed to [A] [REQ] [PROJECT] Pic and Page of the Week to recognize approval.
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By T.K.
Alright,but I'm not on as much.
I'll do it.
I'll need someone else to eithe teach me how to add photos, or run that side themselves.

EDIT: Adding Character of the Week
EDIT 2: DELETING Picture Of The Week

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