Private discussion between DriverWiki editors.
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By madness
I have decided it would be a good idea if I set up editors email accounts which can be used for sending DriverWiki related e-mails.

This would be good particularly when contacting developers (for interviews).
These email accounts cannot be used to e-mail anything unrelated to the driverwiki and cannot be shared with anyone who has nothing to do with the driver series.

If your interesting in receiving an e-mail account please register your interest here, within the next couple of weeks I'll have an email system set up that we can use.
Driver Madness Username:
DriverWiki Username:
Email Username Request: (example: . 'madness' is the username. I suggest keeping this small, easily to remember and similar to drivermadness and driverwiki username)
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By T.K.
Driver Madness Username: CJayC (formerly T.K.)
DriverWiki Username: T.K.
Email Request:

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