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By madness
Hello T.K.,

The DriverWiki is on it's way.
The development process is taking longer than I imagined, I have so many things to considering when putting such a website togeather as the website is planned to contain everything about the series.

Now I'm creating articles for the wiki as we speak, and soon once I've finished creating examples for all the major areas, I'll start hiring editors to create articles for things I don't plan to cover.

For example; I'm covering some fansites, a driv3r walkthrough, some developers, film adaption, many news updates including BBC, New Job Posistions at reflections, emergency heros and any new news as it arrives.

Once I've covered something from each of the categories above, I will have devised a nice user-friendly structure which can be used for things I haven't including;

Other fansites
Other developers
Driver, Driver 2, Driver: 76, Driver: LA UnderCover, Driver: Vegas Walkthroughs.

For Driver: Parallel Lines we'll be using content from the "DPL-List" which had been created by Paul known as (Camero & actiondreamer) from these forums and other driver forums.

It is a pretty big job, I also have to create a good looking template.

If your interested in becoming an editor, you'll be one of the first with access to the website.

If you haven't already please feel free to register your interest here.

Once I've created a basis of articles for the wiki, I'll open up editing and then I'll organise avaliable jobs. I'll work on this documentation fairly soon. :wink:

I'm not sure about the final release yet, but editors should have access by mid-august.

Hopefully this answers your questions;
If you have any more questions you'd like to ask feel free to post them.

Driver Madness
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By T.K.
This is one reason I like this site: the admin actually talks to his users.

I would like to be the guy who handles accounts. i am very interested in accounts.
Or an editor, I am good at that too.
Either one. Doesn't matter to me.
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By Coyote
Am I the only one who knows the link to DriverWiki or is it already public ? :shock:
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By madness
Am I the only one who knows the link to DriverWiki or is it already public ? :shock:
The link isn't public!
However somehow, six legit users have registered.
I know how to has occurred, and it's unstoppable.
If someone figures out the link I cannot stop their access, so if anyone does figure out the link don't go sharing it about until I've finished the main structure of the site.

Coyote; if your wondering how people know the link look at Lseven7's user page! 8)
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By Coyote
Okay I won't tell anyone about it.

Which userpage ? Do you mean this ?
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By Nikusakken
Yes, the link is public. I found the link on *****. Be careful.
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By Coyote
Yep, just found it too. And god knows that's it's not difficult to find it :roll: .
By MarioCRO
It's quite easy to find
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By madness

stop hiding it. its everywhere. let us contribute!

Well since I don't have much time to set it up the way I wanted, knock yourself out! Not lit-er-ally; just a figure of speech 8) .

I'm quite annoyed that it has come to this, I haven't even managed to template it. My plans were completely destroyed, due to losing most of my holidays and now I'm starting a more intensive year of education and other stuff. I feel like I'm going to have to leave it behind.

If anyone's interested they can partially take over; as long as they can prove their dedicated and know what there doing (or willing to learn). I'll offer to provide full ftp and administration access to keep this project going.

I'll continue to provide reliable hosting; and when I change hosting providers I can also give mysql user and password information.
Noting that my plans for a future web host doesn't include cpanel but unrestricted sql database privileges with phpmyadmin. Everything has to be done the slightly harder way but you'll have more control over the database.

I'll stop blabbering on; I'll set up a topic about this.
If your interested in partially taking over the DriverWiki, while I'm uncertain of it future please discuss in this topic.

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