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Hey, I bought the PC version of Driver and was happy to find out that the game runs on my Windows 10. However, the music resets after 10 seconds and often freezes while I'm driving around. If I disable the music, everything runs smoothly at 50 fps. I read somewhere that the CD needs to be in the PC in order for the Music to work. So, my guess is that my computer stops reading the disc since nothing is really going on with it and messes with the game. Any way on fixing this problem? Thank you! <3
Did you apply any patch?
There are some patches in this topic. If you look at the changelog of the first one, you will see "Music Tracks do not loop". Maybe this will solve the problem. But i don't know if this avoids the music to reset.
And yes the CD needs to be in the drive if you want to have the music (because the tracks are real cd audio tracks).

The topic:

This is for the US version.
Just wanted to give you the results. I used the first patch which involves the music to NOT loop, and it broke the game. I checked everything it out, tried re-patching it to see if I did anything wrong (I didn't), ran the game in admin, nothing but a blank screen. I then reversed the patch by re-installing the game with the disc and it ran normally but the music would still reset and freeze the game. While I was snooping around the forums, I came across one which involved modding the game to play from the hard drive instead of the disc, so I followed the instructions and was surprised to see it work fine. I just ripped the music from the disc as .mp3, used a program, did a bunch of things with the program and it started to work (and it even loops). Thank you though for helping me out even if patching the game using 1.0 didn't work (and yes I own the US version). <3


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