Having any problems running the game on any platforms or anything abnormal as happened in your game and you can fix it, come in here for assistance.
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By Sedans
lol, sorry for the stupid title, but i just got DPL for m PC today and im so pissed off becasue my computer isnt working straight, so its being repaired, i never even got to play it! but i will soon, i hopw...

But anyways i just put this up cuz even though that DPL wasnt my favorite driver game, its something fun for my PC and i hardly have anything fun for my PC.

and yes i know that "867-5309" is a rock song, so for any comment about me writing that that was about to appear in a post- shut up.


EDIT: OK, my mom (who is the smart one) ran a bunch of maintence stuff on my computer and its working now, most probally i will have no more problems. :D

:( :? :cry: :( :? :cry:

Now what?! i got it all working again right?, i install DPL, and it tells me i dont have the minimum system requirements:

* Text following this had a Red "X" by them:

Video Card: Moble Intel(R) 915GM/GMS,910GM Express Chipset family

Text following this had a Yellow exclamation point with a Triangle by them:

CPU Frequency (Mhz) : 1729
Harware Clip Planes : No

This is really confusing becasue im never good at troubleshooting and i have no idea what any of this means!
So help me WTF i dunno what to do!!! can i still run the game with the yellow still there? or do i need to fix the...uh...whatever the **** it is that i need to fix? help me!!!!!
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By madness
ok this belongs in Technical Support so I'll move that there when I've finished writing up this post.

first of all congratulations on your purchase of Driver: Parallel Lines, at the moment you can enjoy the wonderful new box art sitting right in front of you.

Ok, you main problem is that your pc is slowly starting to age so "Driver: Parallel Lines" tries and refuses to run. But it may be possible to upgrade your computer so it'll run driver: parallel lines for about the same price of dpl and everything else will run a lot better.

At the moment I have no idea if your computer is upgradeable so you'll have to give me your pc's brand and model number, even better if you can give me a link to the official thing.

So once I've got that information I'll be able to tell you if your pc is upgradeable and what you can upgrade it with. At the moment I would suggest an entire new pc but the only thing stopping you from running this game is your graphics card. You have stupid on-board video and who ever though of making the on-board video should be shoot because no games will run on it properly.

and I might tell you a little more about the red and yellow.

Red - means you won't be able to run the game because your computer needs an upgrade in that particular area.

Yellow means the game will work with performance problems, so don't expect it to look and run any better than the ps2 version.

and if you get all green, well then you all ready to rock on...
and if you have double the recommended well then turn everything up onto full and enjoy the quality. But unfortunately at the moment you'll need and upgrade so if your interested just give me your PC's brand and model number...
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By Sedans
OK thanks, but im goig to try and find the model number, i know that this is a Toshiba, i just dont remember what kind.

But it looks to me as if you know what your doing so im going to try and finds everything
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By madness
wait... do you have a laptop?
if so it's just about impossible to upgrade your video card.

I could be wrong... you never said you had a laptop.
But Toshiba mainly make laptops, I've never herd of them making desktop pc's. But if you have a Laptop I think your screwed. Laptops aren't designed to play games unless you spends loads of money on them.

If you don't have a laptop then I can still do with the model number so I can see if and what it is upgradeable with.
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By Sedans
Well no need to either waste your time, after looking at my PCs spes, i found out my comp cant push DPL :( what a ****ing waste of my money. damn im so pissed
By Miller
That's a bummer. I mean that most sincerely. Keep it handy, though. Next time you get a PC, you can jam the game. At least for now, you got some very clever and insightful comment from Madness about being able to enjoy the box art, not to mention the truth of that. And you got to make me laugh with that topic title. I hope that won’t be confused with laughing at what happened, because that’s a bummer. But really, man. You'll get another PC sometime, though.

This dude came over to my apartment one evening like about four years ago with a copy of GTA Vice City for PC—said it was a gift for me, and then asked if he could play it on my PC (I only had one PC at the time). I said I was too busy working on something that I had to get done on the computer. He asked if he could play GTA Vice City while I did that, and I said we both couldn’t use it at the same time, and I really had to get done with what I was working on because it was for someone else. He said, Oh, yah.

I had one of those ‘Oh, yah’ moments, myself recently, courtesy of Madness (lol). They just sneak right up on you, don’t they, then? Kind of like your unfortunate incident with the system requirements for DPL, I guess.

Anyway, speaking of which—I thanked him for the gift (GTA Vice City for PC), and looked at the system requirements listed on the box. I said, “My computer won’t run this, so I’ll have to wait till I get another one, and play it then.” So, he asked if he could have it back, and he’d go get something else instead. I said, “Okay,” and showed him what I was talking about by system requirements, so he could be sure my rig could run whatever he traded it in for. He split, but didn’t come back anytime soon. Next time I saw him he said he went back and traded it for a game he could play on his Playstation, and went home to jam some vid since I was busy. Hell of a gift. LOL!

867-5309 “I got it!” I still remember this guy from school telling me about that song back in like 1982. He said, “Those dudes is bad.” — the band, I mean—Tommy Tutone or whatever it was. One night we were partying at his house while his parents were out of town—I guess just about everyone was—and somebody lit the couch on fire. Everyone got kicked out, except for the few he was close friends with or whatever. So, then the dude took us to a big double wide garage out back that had no cars in it, just a bunch of stolen tennis nets strung up across the entire place like some big circus trapeze net deal. We climbed up on that and partied there for the rest of the night.

It’s all right to be off-topic in this thread at this point, isn’t it? Again, buddy, sorry about that mishap with your new game. That sucks.

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