Having any problems running the game on any platforms or anything abnormal as happened in your game and you can fix it, come in here for assistance.
By lh1
DPL breaks every 1-10 seconds when i play it.
Can anyone please tell me how to slove this problem?

My System: Intel Pentium 4 2.4Ghz
Windows XP (Service Pack 2)
1 GB RAM (1.56 GB Swap File)
NVIDIA Geforce FX 5200 (128MB)
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By madness
My specs are a lot higher and I seem to have a similar problem.
This problem has been reported by many people in different areas of the world with all different specs. Most commonly for small stops every 5mins though.

In the manual it says that it could be your Hard Drive meaning you would need to defrag your HDD.

peering over your specs they aren't all that recent which usually causes a lot of performance issues. The main thing I can say is for you to go into the options menu and fiddle around with the settings. For starters turn everything as low as possible and try the game if it works fine then you can go back and turn it up a little if it still doesn't work you may need to turn it back down. Basically you'll just have to fiddle around with the settings until you find some settings which run well on your PC.

If nothing fixes the problem up you may need a PC upgrade, first I'll most likly suggest a cpu upgrade since the game requires lots of cpu. But check by me in a couple more days if your planning to buy a new cpu because i'm not 100 percent certain about it.

If it half fixes the problem and it just stops once and every few mins then that's a common problem and hopefully a patch in the future will fix it up. However the game works fine on really powerful PC's. So tell us how you went and if it didn't fix anything by changing the settings just say so and I'll give you a few more pointers in speeding the game up.
By lh1
thnx madness, but now I fix it by reinstall the game on a bigger Hard Disk.
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By madness
That could help, "But did you say that fixed it" or "are you going to try it out".
I also have a similar issue on my pc where I have 700gig of HDD Space and I'm using 695gig which is just about the entire thing and I think that is probably causing the issues for everyone.

If you have fixed it by doing this, I can add it to my list of fix ables, I'll just add it to a FAQ Thread soon.
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By Daltarin-Elite
One of my friends at school says if you have an incredibly huge HDD like yours madness. he says that, that alone can make a computer run slower as it spends so much time searching the HDD for the required file. Is this actually true and could that be what is affecting you game?
By lh1
it won't,Daltarin-Elite.
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By madness
Well I have that in two HDD, and there partitions to make it display as four HDD.

and your computer doesn't really search your HDD, if it did it would take forever even if you had a small hard drive and every file you had on it was 1kb to fill it up.

It's a complicated issue I haven't really looked into... however in most cases technology does have lots of problems when it's hdd space gets very limited.

EDIT: Have you tried the HDD space thing, and has this fixed up your problem?
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By Lseven7
Computers do get slower the more the hard drive fills up. It has nothing to do with searching for files. They go slower because windows creates virtual memory, and the less free space avaliable, the less virtual memory can be created, therefore your computer runs slower.

PS I am by no means a computer expert, I just happened to be reading about that on the microsoft website yesterday when I was trying to make my PC go faster.
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By madness
Windows starts using virtual memory when your ram gets over used. It always uses a bit of virtual ram for different types of things, but "lh1" has 1gig or ram so this shouldn't really effect anything.

But it's always good to think about Front Side Bus speeds and things like that. It's not always about having the most ram or the biggest HDD it's about speed.
By lh1
Here the solution I use to solve this problem,make sure you Close down all background tasks before playing DPL.
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By madness
Well I guess that's the easiest resolution people don't think about these days as much. I remember closing down everything when I used to play driv3r on my slower computer. I would go into Ctrl-Alt-Del and then I would go to the processors tab and close just about everything. There are some things that you can't close and I keep them open but I can reduce everything to about 15 processors rather than the usual 40 processors which make a little improvement.
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By madness
Imagine people trying to play next generation games, they will simply just fail to work. Even on my system which is really fast when they start making those ps3 games on pc most rigs won't be even able to play them for a while until prices drop and people go to upgrade their computers.

I think 12fps is pretty much lag and annoying.
Have you tried putting all the settings in the option menu to an absolute low?
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By Coyote
until prices drop and people go to upgrade their computers
… or to buy a new console :P

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