Having any problems running the game on any platforms or anything abnormal as happened in your game and you can fix it, come in here for assistance.
By cleone
Just had to switch to Ubuntu due to my Windows installation going almost completely corrupt. Is there a way to get this game running on Wine, and if possible with my XBOX 360 Controller?
By cleone
dont install the game, run it as a copy and paste game, should work.
Alright thanks man. I'll give that a try later today.
By cleone
That didn't work. The menu is HORRIBLY glitched. It presents me with a white screen and black around the outside. The mouse becomes a big yellow blob too. Could it be the no-cd patch? I installed that cause I got sick of putting the disc in everytime. I do have the original cd so I could remove the patch if that's the problem.
By cleone
It could be the issue, but it may just be the game wont run with WINE
Dammit. Well, I hope to have my Windows installation repaired someday, so I can at least play some games that don't run in WINE and finish up my game.

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