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By corrupt
Hi Everyone :)

I just bought this game and seem to be having an issue getting it to run. I ran the detection tool and get the "Your system is compliant to all the minimum requirements and the recommended requirement to be able to play the game perfectly." message and all sections have green checkmarks but it is unplayable.

The video runs great at the beginning then, once the game graphics start, I get approx. 1 frame every 5 seconds. If I wait and wait and wait, etc... then turn the sound off then the game runs great but has no sound.

I have tried updating the sound driver and changing random sound settings but it doesn't seem to make any difference. I am using the onboard sound on the motherboard (Realtek). Here is the current audio driver info: Version Audio controller: HD Audio Audio Codec: ALC861

This is currently the only game that I am having issues with... Any ideas (before I throw the disc in the trash can)?? Is there a patch available for this game?

A few other specs:
- Intel P4 2.8
- 1GB DDR Ram
- 2 x 160GB IDE HD
- ATI Radeon X600 (256 MB)
- Wireless XBOX controller (Intec) - modified/added connector to connect to USB port
- XP Pro SP3
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By bb_42001
interesting.. i don't have any problems like that.. have you tried a USB sound card?
By corrupt
Thanks for the response :)
interesting.. i don't have any problems like that.. have you tried a USB sound card?
Interesting thought... I don't have one at the moment though. I have a few older cards kicking around that I might be able to try instead... I would prefer to get things working with the existing setup though. Many other games seem to have no issues with my current setup...
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By madness
Your issue may not be caused by sound card or drivers and could be the speed of your computers CPU. Realtek audio controllers are really common. I have one myself and haven't noticed any issues.
Intel P4 2.8
Although your system meets the minimum requirements, the game may perform poorly because the default settings are fairly high and don't configure themselves.

A Pentium 4 2.8Ghz is aging technology (nothing that computers almost double performance once a year) and could do with an upgrade.
However I believe it is possible to get at least a consistent rate 25fps by lowering a couple settings.

The reason you may have issues while the sound is on is the fact audio requires a fair chunk of processor speed.

Go into options.
Change to the lowest resolution, lowest graphical settings, turn features like anti-aliasing off or on the lowest value possible.

Test the game,

while in gameplay go to the options and change the amount of traffic setting to the lowest value possible (this really chews cpu power).

I would also suggest you defrag your HDD.
Make sure all programs are closed before opening the game.

If your still having any troubles, I'll post a better set of instructions.
I don't have a PC capable of running Driver: Parallel Lines at the moment but I'll try my best to help resolve your issue.
By corrupt
I currently have all video settings at their lowest and still have this issue when audio enabled within the game settings. If I disable the audio then I don't see any lag (at least as far as I've tested so far). Although I agree that a 2.8 processor is getting a bit old now, the game's minimum requirements are well below what this computer has in it. If I was running on a FAT32 filesystem then I would agree that defragging would be a good idea but I'm running on a NTFS filesystem that is barely fragmented. Also, disk activity seems minimal when the game is running...

Minimum game requirements (according to the package):
- 2.0 Ghz P4
- 256MB ram
- 64MB video card

My specs:
- 2.8 Ghz P4
- 1024MB ram
- 256MB video card

The mimumum requirements for this game seem to be similar to the requirements for Quake 4 - which plays great on this PC.

This seems to be a soundcard/driver issue... I'm not sure I explained the delay I'm experiencing properly. I literally get about 1 video frame every 10 seconds soon after the graphics start. It starts at about 1 frame per second and quickly (within 10 seconds) drops to about 1 frame every 10 seconds (or longer). At this point it takes me about 5 minutes before I can even get to a menu. All I can do is sit there tapping the escape key until I finally get to a menu. Any ideas on how to solve the issue?
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By bb_42001
have you tried to update the sound drivers and everything?
By corrupt
Yes. I have tried updating the sound drivers. Unfortunately, it only seems to have made a slight difference. Instead of getting 1 frame every 10 seconds instantly, it now starts at 1 frame per second then slows down to 1 frame every 10 seconds after the first 10 seconds... :(
By corrupt
well... I loaded the game on a different PC and didn't have the issue I was experiencing. The game runs slower on this PC (P4 - 2.4GHz, NVidia GeForce FX 5200 - 128MB, 512MB DDR ram, Creative Soundblaster Audigy 2, ...) but it does run with sound and is somewhat playable (a bit laggy on the response time). It's a shame that I can't seem to find a way around the sound issue on the other PC that I would like to play the game on... Does anyone have any other suggestions?
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By bb_42001
i still think you should just get a usb sound card.. it might fix the problem...

also your other computer specs sound like what i used to have, and the game didn't end up running at all
By corrupt
I'll see if I can find a USB sound card. I'm starting to wonder if the game is worth the additional effort though. ...and the USB sound card is likely to cost more than I paid for the game... lol

The game does run on the PC with the lower specs though... :)
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By bb_42001
i seen them hear pretty cheap.. but really its your chose.. do you or do you not continue with it
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By madness
If you have updated to the latest sound drivers, and still think it's a sound driver issue. It could be because your using the wrong driver.

I think this is highly unlikely, As windows tries it's best to protect your system from using wrong drivers and of course sound appears to be working perfectly with everything else so we won't worry about this.

An alternative option is to contact Ubisoft's Official Technical Support.

If you want you could link them to this page.
and/or copy your problem and everything you've tried so far.

Don't forget to let us know how you go? 8)

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