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By Star Wars Fanatic
Hi everyone, long time no speak! Glad to finally see Driver Madness back.

Just thought I'd announce that following my Collateral Collision machinima I have finally embarked on a project for Driver: San Francisco. More info coming soon, but for now here's a poster to wet your appetite ;)


As a side note, I've also compiled some driving game awards, of which Driver won quite a few ;) ... ing-Games/

Am also hoping to bring back Driver Film Friday!
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By max.thunder
WOW! Looks awesome. Judging by this cool poster the video will be even more cooler.
Most Disappointing Driving Game
Need for Speed: The Run
In my opinion the series declined after Most Wanted, they're still recicling the same stuff. But the golden days of NFS were back in the 90s until early 2000s.
Driving Game of the Year
Driver: San Francisco
HELL YEAH!!! :specialdriver:

At first i was skeptical about the game, but whole idea of shift is awesome during gameplay. Driver has all the time brought somewhat new and fresh games to the racing genre, which became somewhat repetitive and without many innovations in the last years. The devs deserve respect for risking their reputation in a industry that these days is mostly conservative.

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