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By Olanov

Felony Rework is an attempt at making chases & getaways in Driver: San Francisco to be more fair, fun and engaging, whether it's increasing the amount of cops that can spawn, how far they come from and how fast — getting rid of rubberbanding for AI chasers (or getaways), or just adding new or unused vehicles to the fleet(s), there's a lot of tweaks to go around.

Of course, because of the nature of DSF, the player gets some unfair advantages such as boost, so balancing, especially with faster vehicles isn't going to be all there, but with such motors, you should be able to leave the cops biting dust anyway! Toughest experience is definitely with slower vehicles.

Feedback on the mod would be appreciated!

Download: ... robv4W6DgF

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- rare lag spikes & crashes potentionally related to vehicle spooling but feedback required (note which chapter/mission and when the issues are occurring exactly!)

- Breaking News mission in Chapter 1 soft locks during loading after you complete all the objectives,
it will have saved progress but you have to shut the process down (alt + f4 or task manager) and return to the game

(Version 5)

- implemented "fixes" for Breaking News missions in chapter 1 & 7, mod now attempts to skip through objectives and pass the mission at beginning or after first objective completed,
in chapter 1's mission this unfortunately soft locks - refer to KNOWN ISSUES!

- reworked suspicious vehicle tables for all police cars (with the exception of the monaco, as its list doesn't work), all services vehicles are now included, except for the Corvette cop car,
each squad car gets vehicles deemed fitting for their speed(s)

(Version 4)

- reworked freeride felony chases, getaways shouldn't rubberband anymore, cops still seem to when in chase radius but fall off pursuit more easily now

- removed getaway "desiredSpeed" values, with the exception of story missions

- getaways in movie challenges can now also be damaged by non players actors, so as to offset benefit they get from rubberbanding (hopefully rubberbanding can be removed later)

- made scoring decay flat across all chapters until further balancing

(Version 3)

- enhanced felony settings for "Legal Troubles" to be more in line with the Driver's "President's Run", the cops will now be more merciless - they're out for blood!

- tweaked "Mass Chase" felony settings to be in line with "Legal Troubels" reminiscent of Survival - more relentless cops!

- corrected felony radius for the second part of "The Escapist"

- correct scoring for the felony getaways and chase mini-games, provided and outdated verison on older builds - sorry!

(Version 2)

- fixed issues with the unlockable vehicles from Klancnik's mod from the (you need to beat the game to unlock the vehicles)

- readded "suspicious vehicle table" to the ASYM Desanne X/T Pursuit, you can now tag marked vehicles to give chase!

(Version 1)


- added ASYM Desanne X/T Pursuit to most chapters, can show up in missions/challenges but not all necessarily

- all police vehicles except the Corvette/Dodge Monaco appear in traffic, latter are still either late chapters/mission specific respectively


- maximum number of chasers changed to ten in most scenarios (hard engine limit)

- chase radius changed from 100 to 170

- made score decay slower in the chapters following first one

FELONY GETAWAY TWEAKS (player is getaway)

- chaser spawn timer turned way up: police take longer to dispatch at chapter 1, dispatch time descending towards chapter 7

- minimum chaser spawn distance changed from 100 to 950

- busted timer changed from 10 to 5 seconds

- "chaseHelperDuration" changed to practically infinite in each scenario - this ensures chasers keep getting spawned

- getaway radius changed from 500 to 650

- allow chasers to go into/outside of locked areas

- driving skill in most scenarios set to "Professional"

- rubberbanding turned off

- drastically increased group takedown time between attacks, getting more frequent towards later chapters

- getaway damage multiplier set to 0.5 across the board

FELONY CHASE TWEAKS (player is chaser)

- increased spawn timer for chasers, lower at earlier chapters, higher the further in the game you get

- chaser follow distance set to 0 so as to make them more helpful

- "getawayHelperTime" increased to near infinite, similarly to "chaseHelperDuration"

- increased getaway "desiredSpeed" values in all cases


- chaser skill set to "Reckless" in comedy oriented movie challenges

- "Gone!" now includes unmarked chaser vehicles (Gran Torino, Dodge Monaco and Pontiac LeMans)

- "President's Run" includes unmarked chaser vehicles (Ford Crown Victoria, Chevrolet Blazer)

- rubberbanding kept for the "President's Run" and "Mass Chase" challenge (you didn't think you'd get off that easy, did you?)

- tweaked various chaser settings per mission, including but not limited to max chasers, spawn distance, spawn time etc.

- street race police ambushes have increased chaser spawn rates and closer distance so as up the action


- integrated Klancnik's garage mod with his permission, huge thanks to him!

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