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Driver 76 review - Driver Madness
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By karliczek10
Alright so the driver series hasn't been doing good or a while since the third one, but driver parallel liens came out and it was a fascinating game, now the prequel to parallel lines is out for the psp Driver 76

Gameplay: well we know how the psp doesnt have 2 analog sticks but dont worry doesnt mean it has to be bad how did gta survive? so the style is just like parallel lines you love driving in alleys, getting cops on yo ass and shooting up people. There are more sidemissions and how parallel lines with the gta style free roam is changed.
the original driver take a ride mode is seperate so people can get collectibles, but whats the point? id just shoot some people thats all i care.

Music: well all i can say is the same songs from parallel liens not 2006 era though other wise the people might of been on crack.

Story: So you get to play as Ray from parallel lines, from what i see he wants to get laid. yea i know pretty stupid, who wants to go all mad wheelman to get laid? no the chick isnt kidnapped shes just taken. but as you mvoe on a new story comes, where Slink owes money to a bar and some chinese guy is betrayed and needs help. by getting ray a pro driver

Controlls: like i said easy controlls but free aim shooting is kinda tricky, up and down d pad in moves your camra you know up and down, square and circle do the same but sideways. When shooting its easy, L aims R shoots, right d pad chooses gun. left cycles people but use square or circle and itll do the same, but if you hold circle or squre youll go into free mode yay :)

Bad thing's: ok everygame has bad things but this game OMFG

OK so slink and ray ahve orignial actors but my god do the jokes suck

slink: get out your low heels and enter your ho hells

thats not even funny at all

Ray: are the bakerys on stirke that so many cops are around here?

Slink: these people gonna know that new york is a bad place for em

Ray: thats us right?

Slink: yes ray thats us.

im sorry i have a good sense of humor but no these jokes suck

ok moving on, i notice i cant even enter a moving car, if i do ill enter the air, and magicly enter the car, but when i do a taxi mission or w.e it doesnt wokr on the ppl, infact even being still wont let em in, it ahs to be perfect.

collectibles, i saw how in the pad, which you cant enter unlike parallel lines, theres clothes, landmarks, paints etc, you get em form star tokens, COLL I CAN CHANGE RAYS UGLY CLOTHES, nope you cant its there for decortaion how bout to piss you off, gimme a nice 70's suit like TK, so far from what i know the paint is used for painting a car yay


This game is good for the PSP libary, but the glitches should of been better improved.

this game wont get a full 5 gold star but ittl get a 4

4 out of 5

but for average score its a 7.8, i like some of the new things, but it looks like driver PL ported into PSP without 2006, not good, might as well put PL on PSP

NOTE: my enlgish is bad im a foreinger so if oyu have a problem get the f**k out,

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