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By Sunrise_424
hi, i managed to fix the converted vehicles from Driv3r to DPL with all shaders, alpha to make them work fine in game.

so i made this little pack of vehicles from Miami, they aren't perfect conversions they have few issues that can't be fix at this time.

pack content this vehicles:

'69 Bruiser (replace Cerrano)
Dart Retaliator (replace Andec)
'80 Redline V-8 (replace Cerva)
Adams Liberty (replace Fairview)
El Toro GT500 (replace Raven)
Hunter 313 T (replace MX2000)

knowing bugs

you can't tow them with Wrecker (Tow Truck)
after damaging the cars they lights stay on same positions as was before damage was made


download ... G5TYy/view
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By BD7
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Oh ho this is amazing! :happy:
How did you convert them to Driver: Parallel Lines?
Patched Antilli version or something?? :specialdriver:

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