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By Motley17crue
Does anybody remember on the official driv3r website they had a mini game called Crash My Car where you could choose from 6 of the cars in the game and by moving the mouse over the car it would get damaged. It was basically a cool little game to show of the damage physics. Driv3r was the first game I ever followed before release by watching trailers and going on its website and I remember spending a lot of time as a kid smashing up the Istanbul taxi. I know the website has closed down and I don't know much about computers but I guess this was a Flash game which has also gone, however I have seen archived websites for driv3r and you can click on the Crash My Car section section however nothing loads. Is this archived anywhere and is there some way to play it? It would be very nostalgic for me to do this again as I have seen someone has made the original PS2 GTA trilogy Flash website working on modern computers and phones so it would be great if we had the Driv3r site running too as I belive there were a few games on there

https://youtu.be/PNpHXUwiFKs?si=-vlHJjSr3NiDkhQj […]

https://youtu.be/dvXpkyRSnNo (Revised) 🔧✨,

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Driv3r "BIG AIR" Miami

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