Discussion for Driver: Parallel Lines (2006)
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By Motley17crue
So I've been trying to 100% parallrl lines recently and forgot how good this game is, however I fear I have come across a glitch when one of the Taxi in 1978 does not spawn. Its the one on the lower east side of Manhattan under the Manhattan bridge, I have watched playthrough's on YouTube and the taxi is there and I even have the official guide so I know I'm in the right place, I have done everything in the 1978 era apart from 1 taxi mission, all the others spawned no problem and have had to carry on to 2006, funny enough the taxi spawns properly in 2006. Is this a known glitch and is there any way to get the taxi to spawn? It will be quite annoying if I get the game to 99% just because one of the taxis won't load in properly, im playing on original XBox. Any help would be appreciated thanks

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