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By BD7
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Hello There, I Just Discovered An Program Which Seems To Extract GSD Here.
Well... It's Called MFAudio
You Just Set Frequency To 22000
and Bytes Of Interleave To 2000.
And So, When you click Play It Plays Somes Audios With Wrong Pitch or Speed.
It Combines With Somes Sounds, The Speed.
But Others Are Slow or just Are Very Irritant.
So When you Play Make Sure to Down Your Volume A Little. :lol:

I Didn't Put it yet because is too big kind of.
Didnt Find a Propely DPL Audio Extractor. So I used this 8) (Y)
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By BD7
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I kind was dumb lol, the interleave must be set to 0 not 2000.
and the frequency must be 22000 as well

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