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By NikkiChan92
Its been over a year since Victoria 2.0 came out and while the city is still far from finished I wanted to release an update for everyone to enjoy.


• Many broken junctions have been fixed. Stoplights will appear correctly and traffic will behave as it should.
• Heightmap smoothing issues fixed in many areas along with additional fixes for a future update.
• Twin Bridge Supports updated for realism.
• Skyboxes fixed to remove fake sun and lighting. Some skyboxes replaced after being redone in PS (Night Stormy, Day Stormy, and a few others.)

New Content:
• Victoria expanded up North from the areas available in V1.0.000 and V2.0.000.
• New Residential Area, Baseball Stadium, Large Lake Resort, power plant area and more.
• Dam added ahead of the Airport.
• A number of new assets for both new and old areas, handmade in Tesseract & Blender.
• Airport area updated with new building and light assets.
• Older areas touched up a lot.
• Shortcut Bridge added in Southern Residential area.(edited)
• [unlockable via beating Survive Til Dawn] ’71 Byzantine Police Unit modeled and created for Victoria by Hallgarth.
• [Lua] Functional Repair Garages. Resets felony, changes time of day, car color, and music via random math lua scripts.
• [Lua] Airplane animation and sound rework w.i.p by Soapy.
• [Lua] Time of Day cycles for All Day, All Day Stormy, and new All Day Foggy. Cycles loop every 24 minutes with randomized music every 360 seconds when the time of day changes.
• [Lua] Felony Cooldown upon losing the cops and shutting off the engine. More features planned.
enhanced with menu mod
• [Lua] Named Spawn Point Locations (requires Menu Mod outside of the default base game spawn point.)
• [Lua] Time of day weather injection for menu mod. Base game has CityTimeofDayMusic for non-menu mod users within modinit.
• [Minigames]
- Getaway - randomized spawn area, car, car color, time of day, and music.
- checkpoint - two available for v1 and v2 areas.
- survival - randomized spawn area, car color, time of day, and music.
- survive til dawn - randomized spawn area, car, car color, and music.
• [underground garage level + training mission]

• Victoria will require Hallgarth and Sherbet/MUTT’s vehicles for the vehiclezones.
• Current public x32 build of Driver Syndicate has a object duplication bug that Soapy is aware of and fixed for a future update of the game. If the level crashes after 20-40 minutes of session, its not the fault of the level.

Link to Victoria: ... sp=sharing
Link to my full archive: ... 1322UPmthG
Link to Hallgarth's vehicles: ... 906I8t2Ti7
Link to Sherbet/MUTT's vehicles/archive: ... EMcHh7s_6z

Updates from me won't come out as fast as they did last year due to a full time job and other factors that are both time consuming for this and outside hobbies. As always have fun and please let me know of any issues, bugs, or feedback!

Credits to everyone that has helped, tested, provided feedback and gave critical feedback for changes can be found in the release changelog.txt. As always tho a massive special thanks must be said to Soapy for continuing to develop the game and help us mod makers out a lot.

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