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By Badnick24
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Okay I'm probably the only one who has played this or even cares about this but I have a question. Has anyone beaten Driv3r...on the Gameboy Advance?? I'm probably the only one who cares about this but I'm on the final mission and I truly believe that there is absolutely NO POSSIBLE WAY to beat it. There just isn't. So has anyone beaten it? :shock:
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By RacingFreak
Yeah it's really hard game... I played it on my phone using emulator. I dont know on which mission I was, but I didnt even complete Miami :?
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By Sab577
I Couldnt Even Complete Lead On Baccus So Good Job!!
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By Vortex
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There is only Miami and Nice in DRIV3R GBA so the story ends in Nice! :turnah:

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