Modding discussion for Driver: Parallel Lines.
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By madness
There are multiple command line arguments which may be used to change the games behavior during the start-up. These arguments can be set in the properties window of the game shortcut. These command line arguments can load up things like "Developer Modes" and things like that.

Here are a list of some of the available command line arguments available for Driver: Parallel Lines.

Start "Driver: Parallel Lines" with Windows Media Center compatibility, switching the game to full screen and restarts Media Center (if available) after the client is closed.

This is the only command line argument I can find at the moment however I'm sure there are many others and maybe even a developer command line argument which will gain us access to the developer menu. If you know of anymore command line arguments please reply saying what it is and why it does. So I can add it to the list of Command Line Arguments.

Extra Notes:
I contacted UBI SUPPORT about the developer mode and got the following reply
Ubisoft Technical Support wrote: Hello,

There is no developer mode within the game, closest thing to this are the cheat codes available online.

Kind regards,
Ubisoft Technical Support
After further contacting Ubisoft Technical Support about the issue they gave me the following reply.
Hello Madness,

In this case the command line switches are only designed for development use. These are not listed or made available to the public.

Kind Regards,
Ubisoft Technical Support.
This is pretty much the opposite to the last reply, so most likely there are command line arguments or in their case command line switches and we need to bring it upon ourselves to find it.
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By Nikusakken
Um. Looks like that Ubisoft don't want to tell something... Who knows...
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By DriverKid
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Yeah, we better get some computer nerds on it, pronto. Whatever it is, a really nerdy nerd can do it lol.
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By Sedans
Whoa, at first I thought you said porno.. LOL

But I know a guy who is really tech smart but he IS NOT a nerd, or a geek.. hes actually pretty cool, hes smart, he just doesnt wanna show it..
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By DriverKid
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Sedans wrote:Whoa, at first I thought you said porno.. LOL.
XD maybe not. But it's cool about the computer smart guy, I'm computer smart, but not modding a game really intensely computer smart lol. I can fix the problem with your icons but nothing to sereous. Maybe replacing the sounds in D1 is ok for me lol.
By Tyler
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Open the Driv3r exe with a hex editor and SEARCH for the string of the only one you know of. The other comline args will be listed closeby if not in an entire list. They are likely in a format with all caps and spaces between the letters. I have done this for other games before, almost any string variable thats stored in the program is inside of the exe somewhere. I reccomend using HexDen. Can anyone tell me one of the args so i can try a search?

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