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By Mike Driver
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I made some alternative sounds for Driver 1 (PC Version).

Now you can drive the police car with a new siren, do a big jump in Frisco or Miami and honk the dixie horn. Have Beavis and Butthead on your police radio and have you car sound like a Formula One car.

Originally I wanted to create several alternative engine sounds, since all the cars in the game sound the same. It was no problem to find alternatives for the idle sound but nearly impossible to find alternatives for the incar sound. The reason being that you would need a sound with constant rpm to create a perfect loop. But all the sound files of cars I could find featured accelerating cars. You can see how that sounds when using the Maserati sound. The Formula 1 sound was the only one that works like I hoped. If you find a good sound, please PM me. Either a sound from the internet or one created from another car game.

Sounds contained in this package:

caralarm - NEW.wav
idle - F1.wav
incar - F1.wav
incar - maserati.wav
loophorn - general lee.wav
loophorn - roadrunner.wav
VOC_COPS_28_ENGLISH - Beavis.wav
VOC_COPS_35_ENGLISH - Beavis.wav

From the “Read First” file:

Alternative Driver 1 Sounds:

Important: Make sure you copy and save the original sounds in a separate folder (Original Sounds)!

You should also copy and save the alternative sounds in a separate folder.

This way you can always replace the sounds back and forth by copying
them to the original folders which are:

GT Interactive --> Driver --> Audio --> Sounds
GT Interactive --> Driver --> Audio --> Cops

Replace sounds this way:

1. Rename the following original sounds:
2. in sounds folder: caralarm, idle, incar, loophorn, PERFECTSIREN
in cops folder: VOC_COPS_28_ENGLISH, VOC_COPS_35_ENGLISH
3. Rename like this:
loophorn.wav --> loophorn - real.wav
4. Now you can put in the new sounds and rename them:
loophorn - general lee.wav --> loophorn.wav
5. Now you should be able to enjoy the new sound files.

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Links (Sounds): Alternative Sounds by Mike

Links (Missions): Alternative Checkpoint Missions by Mike

Enjoy! :wink:
Mike Driver
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By madness
I'll be adding more sounds to this Websites Download Database soon :). Come back soon for some more updates. :D
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By nobodie902
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Nice cop siren and beavis/butthead :D awesome..

madness that would be great. and also waiting for that modding site :)
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By madness
nobodie902 wrote:Nice cop siren and beavis/butthead :D awesome..

madness that would be great. and also waiting for that modding site :)
No promises but it should be about another 2 to 4 weeks for the Driver Modding website and about 1 to 2 more weeks for the dpl-list. So just hold on there and the Driver Modding site will just be about finished enough to released.

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