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I don't care, lol. Heck, it's not even my work! It's a conversion from Midtown Madness 2! Lol. nice job! Too dark though..lessen up on the saturation, it needs to look more...grayish...
Dr. Doom wrote:Image

I cannot begin to explain how long it freakin' took me to convert the Midtown Madness 2 Ford Mustang into Driver! I had to texture it and all! RESIZE IT! I even had to cheat a little bit and extend it so it fit the Chevy Chevelle chassis...yeah...

I'll zip it up as a mod for everybody to have...IF YOU WANT IT!

ATTENTION: The mod has been posted for everybody to have! ENJOY! It is in it's final version.
I am using this in my new driver complete mod! I gave you credit.
By GT500E
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i got it working great work driver finally has a mustang in the game!!!!!!! not just the opening movie and main menu that always made me mad i wanted to drive it and now i can thanx
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By mgty
I do not know if it is still relevant ..
But I tried to add the model and I couldn't ..
The d1_md_loader software is not working properly

I was only able to add the texture
Because of the Win 10 system?


After some testing, I got it to work. You have use[…] See for yourself! […] Lucas in Nice takes […]

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