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By Zombie2358
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This mod will try to simulate Driv3r Miami moods in Driver Parallel Lines. Only works in 2006 Era!


- Moods_backup is the unedited Moods folder from the original game. [So if you don't like the mod you can replace Moods_backup with the Moods folder]
- Moods is the edited Driv3r folder.
- 1978 Era has no changes!

--How To Use:

- You have to put both Moods and Moods_backup into the Driver Parallel Lines game directory.
- Enjoy! :specialdriver:

--Known Bugs:

- The change between night and day is intense and smooth.
- The skybox doesn't fit in specific scenarios.

Mod Download:
https://www.mediafire.com/file/z46wik83 ... D.zip/file
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