General discussion for the DRIVER series.
By DoeJohnathan
Purpose of the survey and how we safeguard your information
The purpose of this questionnaire is to collect primary data through individual’s thoughts and opinions on the 2004 video game Driv3r. This is information will be used to build a better understanding on the games successes and where consumers feel the game needed improvement as this may have been the underlying reason for the games downfall to the point where a sales target of 4 million copies could not be met. The information collected will be kept confidential and is not for any third companies or for sale as it purely for academic usage. On our part we will conduct the necessary security procedures to ensure that your information is not compromised by storing it on an encrypted online cloud server as well as on as a USB device as a backup should there be an online breach of security. The data that was compiled on our participants will be fully destroyed after completing the research on Driv3r. Anyone who participates in this survey is doing so out of their own free will and has not been forced or coerced into doing so. You may withdraw any information you provide at any time should you feel uncomfortable with the questions you are asked. However should you wish to partake in this questionnaire then please answer all the questions and as honestly as possible. Doing so will greatly improve the accuracy of the results collected. After completing the questionnaire you may request a digital copy of your responses which you may keep.
I take this time to thank all of you who kindly provide your results as part of this survey and look forward to analysing all the responses received.

It will only take a couple of minutes.

Here is the link to the questionnaire:
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By Vortex
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Hi there!

Where did you get the information about the 4 millions sales target not being met?
Furthermore, I'm not 100% sure we can say that DRIVER was discontinuited and rebranded as Watch Dogs. We got DRIVER Speedboat Paradise in 2015 so after the first Watch Dogs came out. :mrgreen:

Anyway, wish you success :specialdriver:
Hello Vortex thank you for your prompt response. According to the first link (from 13:15 onwards) the Driver series has been rebranded Watchdogs.

I got the information from these two links below

Link 1:
--- watchdogs (13:15)
Link 2:
--- 4 million copies to break-even (18:40)

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