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REDRIVER2 is a project aiming to recreate Driver 2 experience in it's full form by decompiling the existing Playstation version and carefully reconstructing the original code so it will function very close to the original game.

It's currently 100% feature-complete (apart from memory card menu) and can run game as same as Playstation but now natively on any platforms (currently Windows and Linux) while also adding some improvements, restoring cut functionality and fixing known bugs.

By going cross-platform game resolves it's main flaws - the frame rate issues and quite short draw distance. It now plays on stable 30 FPS, with 3x draw distance.

Here is the changelog from original release dated Oct 12 2000

- Improved cop AI batter logic to better balance difficulty
- Restored Tanner felony (can be seen in two Vegas missions)
- Cops no longer can see player if on different heights
- Fixed cop AI activation when player without felony touches roadblock car
- Fixed and improved Cop AI navigation/pathfinding
- Fixed player car drowning bug in tunnels
- Fixed Tanner "drowning" by non-moving train in Vegas Ghost Town
- Restored Tanner drowning movement in water
- Fixed Tanner sitting on chairs
- Easier jump in "Boat Jump"

- Improved draw distance and resolved glitches
- Restored street lamp damage
- Restored street light trails
- Fixed some polygons not drawing (Chicago Goose island's white barrels)
- Car lost hubcaps are now bound to single car
- Restored Havana secret car elevator sound
- Restored multiplayer follow camera
- Restored car engine smoke
- Leaves are now affected properly by player car and chased car

Film Director:
- Fix camera invalidation bugs
- Added variable zoom for non-locked tripod camera
- Added target height adjustment to locked tripod camera
- Improved chase camera, restored height and distance editing

- PC version now automatically saves undercover campaign progress
- PC version now has command line arguments
- Memory card overlay removed

The team:
- Soapy - lead programmer
- Fireboyd78 - code refactoring and improvements

Special thanks:
- Krishty, someone972 - formats decoding
- Gh0stBlade - API-level PSY-Q libraries reimplementation (HLE PSX Emulator)
- Ben Lincoln - This Dust Remembers What It Once Was (TDR)
- Stohrendorf - Symdump utility
- VortexStory, Olanov, RacingFreak, Snoopii, Commando52Colton, NikkiChan92 - testing and feedback, media attention


Latest stable release (RECOMMENDED for first launch)
Automated builds

Before installation be sure to read instructions

Happy anniversary, Drivers!
Just want to say thanks so much for this. I saw this RIGHT before I was going to bed at 3am my time haha. Needless to say I didn't sleep for at least another hour or 2 until I read up on this amazing project from you guys. This certainly is a dream come true. Mods are going to make this game so much cooler! Thanks for all you guys have done! Going to keep up with progress of this!

I compiled the game but only thing I am having problems with is converting the FMV and audio unfortunately. Other than that the game runs great! Glad to see it in HD at 60fps with no slowdown!

Edit: Never mind I got FMV's working now!
This is a wonderful achievement. Driver 2 was always a turnoff for me due to its technical problems. The game runs like a dream on my PC, HOWEVER......

This is what shows up on the command window (or whatever it's called);

[EMU] Initialising Emulator.
[EMU] VERSION: 1.101
[EMU] Compile Date: Nov 16 2020 Time: 18:25:37
[EMU] [StopCallback] - Unimplemented!
[EMU] [ResetGraph] - Unimplemented!
[EMU] [SpuSetCommonAttr] - Unimplemented!
[EMU] [SetGraphDebug] - Unimplemented!
[EMU] [SetVideoMode] - Unimplemented!
[EMU] [ParseCueSheet] - Failed to open disc image file! TOMB5.CUE
[EMU] [CdInit] - Failed to read cue sheet![EMU] [SpuSetCommonAttr] - Unimplemented!
found sound device: OpenAL Soft
AL lib: (EE) UpdateDeviceParams: Failed to set 44100hz, got 48000hz instead
[EMU] PSX SPU effects are supported and initialized
[EMU] [PadStartCom] - Unimplemented!
[EMU] [ParseCueSheet] - Failed to open disc image file! TOMB5.CUE
[EMU] [CdInit] - Failed to read cue sheet![EMU] [SpuSetReverbModeParam] - Unimplemented!
[EMU] [SpuSetReverbDepth] - Unimplemented!
[EMU] [SpuSetCommonAttr] - Unimplemented!
[EMU] [ResetGraph] - Unimplemented!
[EMU] [StopCallback] - Unimplemented!
[EMU] [ResetGraph] - Unimplemented!
[EMU] [SetVideoMode] - Unimplemented!
[EMU] [PadStartCom] - Unimplemented!
[EMU] [ParseCueSheet] - Failed to open disc image file! TOMB5.CUE
[EMU] [CdInit] - Failed to read cue sheet![EMU] [SpuSetReverbModeParam] - Unimplemented!
[EMU] [SpuSetReverbDepth] - Unimplemented!
[EMU] [SpuSetCommonAttr] - Unimplemented!
*---LSBD(): successful init---*

[EMU] [SpuIsTransferCompleted] - Unimplemented!
[EMU] [ResetGraph] - Unimplemented!

I just want to make sure whether or not this is normal, and if it isn't, what can I do to fix it?
Hello, I'm new here and came because of this, ¡it's the greatest port of the year, I guess! Last weekend I tested the Redriver2-dev version and played it some time, good to see that now the Chicago trains in Take a ride don't get stuck anymore in the Cabrini-Green station (the one where mission 2 ends and mission 3 starts) after 2 trips as happened in PSone and its emulators. Although there have been two instances where the game crashed: 1: when going to Rio's Mountain Pass, then going west to the near elevated avenue, then trying to get back to the Mountain Pass, and 2: playing a replay of the mission "Bank job" for the second time.

Don't know how possible would be some of the following things, but I have a wish list for Redriver2 to be capable of:

-Showing all types of vehicles at the same time in every region of each city (instead of having the current limit of 5), or maybe even being able to turn on an off an option for having any vehicle in any city and playing with them.
-Starting the mission 13 "Escape to ferry" also with any of the blue trucks or the Kombi van after finishing the mission 12 "Find the clue" with any of them and without having the game crashing (I tested that on sunday, both windows of the game closed suddenly at the start of the mission 13 due to vehicle region differences after I wrecked the last car of the mission 12 with a truck).
-change traffic density as in Driver for PC.
-The option of choosing different game and settings files to play.
-Save replays in files on the PC.
-No height limit for tripod cameras.

And thanks a lot for the amazing work!
Thanks a lot for working on the game port.
Hopefully in the future it will be possible to enable fullscreen mode.
I suggest you improve the controls (XO stick) as the left stick is sometimes not precise, but it also happened that it didn't react during the game, but only after a while.
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Brilliant work, thank you so much! After playing Havana for half an hour I have two things to say.

First, a suggestion: using the keyboard with default mapping can be a pain in the arse. I'm used to a configuration that resembles the original PS pad layout, that is ESDF for arrows and IJKL for triangle, square, cross, and circle. Are you planning to add customizable key mapping? That would make it much more comfortable to some players who don't have a gamepad.

Second, probably a bug: in Havana, I tried to enter the underground garage where the Mini secret car can be found, but as soon as I drove past the beginning of the covered area, my car fell through the road into the void, resulting in an instant Game over. I'm playing the US 1.1 version which is described as buggy so maybe it's the game's fault, not the emulator's, but I decided to mention it anyway.

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