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Music: Hound Dog Taylor - Sitting Here Alone

A classic saloon car drives down a dark road. The scene cuts between it travelling and Pink Lenny talking to a Brazilian gangster in the Red River Bar.

Lenny: ... You should have seen the look on this guy's face. He was feelin' the pain. My handgun settled in between his eyes; I let him chew on a piece of my boot...
Lenny: ... (laughs) I had him begging for his life doing voices of some 'toon thief! (laughs again)
Lenny: ... (laughs) I wish I had it on tape!
Lenny: ... (laughs) I tell ya, you should have seen the look on this guy's face!

The car stops opposite the Red River Bar and two men in suits get out. They walk across the road and take out their weapons; one has a revolver, the other, a sawn-off shotgun. They kick in the door and start shooting. The gangster is killed before he knows what hit him, but Lenny manages to take cover behind a wall. The two men stroll past the Brazilian's twitching body, toward where Lenny is hid. Lenny takes a deep breath and sprints for the back door, shells blowing out the wall beside him. He escapes down the alley; one of the hitmen looks, but doesn't pursue. As sirens approach the bar, he calmly walks away.

New scene: a morgue. Tanner, Jones, and the chief are standing around the Brazilian's dead body lying on a bed.

Chief: You know what these marks mean Jones? Do you? Ever hear of Alvaro Vasquez?
Jones: Of course.
Chief: The bureau's got Alvaro Vasquez fingered as the operator of a racket down in Brazil worth $200 million a year. But you ever see Alvaro Vasquez? You ever see a picture of him?
Jones: No.
Chief. No. Because no-one's even seen the guy's driving license. Maybe he don't even exist. Maybe he's just a name. All we know is these marks mean you're one of his.
Jones: That's all we know?
Tanner: No.
Chief: Tell him, Tanner.
Tanner: The last guy to whack one of Vasquez's boys had his mouth filled by a Mauser clip and his gums glued up before they set light to his head.
Chief: Listen, here's the whole play: We had a witness to the shooting. He saw a guy named Pink Lenny sitting next to our to our friend here. Yesterday this witness scrammed out on us. He knows a whole lot more than he spilled, more about Pink Lenny. I want you teamed up and undercover, well clear of the clubhouse. Put out some feelers for the witness and put us wise on why we got Brazilian hatchetmen taking on lead in Chicago.

Surveillance Tip-Off

Tanner is at his apartment on a sunny day.

Jones: (phone call) Jones here. We got ourselves some action: I found our witness, and he's real jumpy. Get ready to make a move. Get your butt over here before he blows.

Tanner drives to Jones and gets in his car.

Chase The Witness

Jones: He's making a move! He's in the blue sedan across the street. Punch it.

Tanner and Jones chase the witness in his car. The witness escapes onto a train.

Train Pursuit

Jones: We lost him. Stay with the train. We'll make the pitch when he gets off!

Tanner and Jones pursue the train until it stops at a station.


Tanner and Jones take the witness at gunpoint, intimidating him for information.

Tanner: Pink Lenny and the dead guy with the marks. Start talking.
Witness: I got nothing to say.
Tanner: I never figured Lenny'd be worth dying over.

Jones gut-punches the witness. He doubles over in pain.

Witness: I just know Lenny used to work for Solomon Caine. I heard he kept Caine's books here and in Vegas. Then I hear Lenny's quit town. Damn! I thought you was Caine!
Jones: Fool, Caine? I heard only dead guys left that outfit. So what's with the guy with the marks?
Witness: I never saw him in my life, but he was Brazilian. Lenny let it slip a Brazilian's making a drop tomorrow at 10 AM. Something real hot, heading out from Risenbecks.

Tanner cocks his gun and points it at the witness' head.

Witness: Man, I swear, I swear, that's the crop!

They let him go and start walking.

Jones: Sounds like our boy Pink Lenny's put himself in a situation somewhere between Caine and Vasquez. Hmm, one hell of a place to be. All guesses play even where Lenny's gonna show up next.
Tanner: If Caine gets to him, Pink Lenny's gonna show up in pieces all over Illinios.


Lenny is packing his bag in a dark motel room. His phone rings. He picks it up.

Lenny: That you? Yeah, well, you're late, ya screw up! ... Bring the wheels to the alley. ... You sure no-one's seen you? ... Yeah, well, you better be!

He slams the phone down, grabs his bag, turns off the light, and goes to leave. He opens the door and is greeted with a gun in the face, courtesy of one of Vasquez's men.

Lenny: (gasps in fear) I thought it was... Listen, I want out! Caine knows. He knows!
Gangster: You made a deal with us Lenny. Let's go.

Tailing The Drop

Tanner and Jones are sitting in a car outside a house.

Jones: 10 AM on the dot, and the Brazilian's heading out, just like the man said. We're gonna sit tight and tail him.

Tanner and Jones tail the Brazilian's car to a warehouse.


The Brazilian unloads crates from his car. Tanner and Jones watch him until he leaves.

Jones: Dig it. Maybe we'll get ourselves a look at the hardware.

They open a crate. It's filled with documents.

Jones: Hey, what the hell's going on? He sold us premium bull, Tanner. A warehouse full of it.

Sirens pass the warehouse.

Jones: Did ya hear that?...

Tanner is busy looking at the papers.

Tanner: Jones, this stuff's been shipped in from Cuba.
Jones: Hmm?
Tanner: Passports, legal documents, look at this stuff...

Sirens approach the warehouse.

Jones: Heat, man. It's time to leave. We'll split 'em. Meet me in Chinatown in a couple of hours.

They get in seperate cars and leave.

Escape To The Safehouse

Tanner is chased out of the warehouse by police. He loses them and gets back to his apartment.


Music: Sonny Boy Williamson II - Help Me

He walks in and gets his key from the receptionist.

Receptionist: Oh yeah, some guy called. He went on up.

Tanner unholsters his handgun and heads up the stairs, carefully opening the door to his room and walking in. Tanner is suddenly sucker-punched by one of the hitmen seen in in the intro. He falls to the floor, and the hitman escapes out the window and down the fire escape.

Chase The Intruder

Tanner pursues the hitman to Goose Island, where he is then trapped by gangsters in a warehouse district.


Tanner is brought at gunpoint to a man standing in a courtyard, surrounded by gangsters.

Caine: I'm Solomon Caine. You'll wish you never met me. I hear you're asking around, looking for someone. Lenny doesn't concern you. I want to know what you've found before I kill you.

Tanner says nothing.

Caine: Your life just got shorter. Jericho?

The hitman walks over.

Jericho: It's okay, I'm gonna shoot you in the head!

Jericho takes Tanner to a warehouse by the tip of his shotgun. When they're almost there, Tanner suddenly elbows Jericho in the face and runs inside, locking the door.

Caine's Compound

Tanner takes a car and finds his way out of the puzzle-like district, escaping just in time to clear the drawbridges surrounding the area as they all rise in an attempt to stop him from leaving.

Leaving Chicago

Jones: I stirred up a nest of Brazilians, Tanner. Now they're buzzing. Time to clear out. Make for the train.

Tanner and Jones are chased through a stormy night by Brazilians, all the way to the train station.


Tanner and Jones are talking on the train.

Jones: Check this out: the street says Lenny gave Caine the brush-off and cut some kind of deal with Vasquez. As to where Lenny's getting rained on, I got zip. But if we don't find his sorry ass, Caine and Vasquez are gonna square up, and Chicago streets are gonna run blood red. So what's your next play, Tanner?
Tanner: Follow the Cuba lead. Lenny needs protection from Caine, and back to Vasquez is the only place he can go. He's gotta be heading for Havana.


Tanner and Jones interrogate people on the streets of Havana, until they spot a man with a Vasquez tattoo.

Follow Up The Lead

Jones: Just tail this guy, nice and easy.

Tanner and Jones follow the tattooed man in his car to a seedy apartment.


The man goes inside, and meets with Pink Lenny, who is shredding documents, surrounded by Brazilian gangsters. Tanner and Jones watch them through a vent in the wall.

Lenny: We're moving out tomorrow.
Tattoos: It's not enough time, senor.
Lenny: If Vasquez says it's enough time, it's enough time. All trucks in forty-eight hours.
Tattoos: There is too many!
Lenny: It ain't gonna break my heart to get you replaced, you scab piece of filth! I'm the one around here who's making this happen, so you better start showing me some respect, you hear?! When you're through, you and your men leave with Rosanna Soto, and I swear Caine's gonna bleed!

The vent cover falls over. Tanner and Jones escape before Lenny and the gangsters find the hole.

Lenny: He said he was getting me out of here! Vasquez said he was getting me out.

Hijack The Truck


Jones is talking to Tanner through the window of a car.

Jones: Rossman pumps, 12-gauges, steel tips, plastique, man. Damn man, these trucks are fragile. So hook this bucket, Tanner. Don't wreck it, and watch for the escorts. If this is heading for Caine, that explains the docs in the warehouse. They make Vasquez's outfit look legit, ready to squeeze Caine out of Chicago.
Tanner: Chicago, or Vegas, or both. We won't know 'til they meet up with this Rosanna Soto.
Jones: Look, I'll get what I can on her, and Lenny. But I gotta feed you as many leads on these shipments as you can handle.
Tanner: Okay. Keep 'em coming, Jones.

Jones walks away and the truck pulls out.

Tanner chases the truck, stops it, and takes it to a garage.

Stop The Truck

Jones: (phone call) Next wagon's heavy with the jelly. Take it out before it gets across town.

Tanner chases another truck, this one dropping bombs all over the road, stops it, and takes it to the garage.

Find The Clue

Jones: (phone call) Here's the buzz, Tanner: Four cars, and one of them's got the file that puts a face and a place to Rosanna Soto. Find the cars before the city swallows them.

Tanner tracks down the four cars, stopping and checking each of them in search of the file. He finds it in the last one; inside is a picture of a ship called Rosanna Soto.

Escape To The Ferry

The police are after Tanner. They chase him to the docks where he launches his car onto the leaving ferry.

To The Docks

Tanner escapes to the other side of the bay. He races to the docks in pursuit of the Rosanna Soto.


Tanner arrives at the dock only to see the Rosanna Soto sailing into the distance. He enters the administration office, where a man is casually talking on the phone in Spanish. Tanner waits all of five seconds before taking it off him and slamming it down.

Tanner: The Rosanna Soto. Where's she headin'?
Man: I tell you nothing. You have no authority-
Tanner: ¿Piensas que quiero tu sangre en mi camisa? (Do you think I want your blood on my shirt?)

The man takes a book from his drawer and looks in it.

Man: San Diego.

Tanner leaves and calls Jones on a payphone.

Jones: Jones.
Tanner: She was a ship. Rosanna Soto was a ship!
Jones: Hey, we've been seeing this all wrong from way back, man. I was all set to pitch some slick with that lady.
Tanner: Yeah, well, she's gone and she's headin' for San Diego.
Jones: San Diego?
Tanner: Means Vegas, they're gonna hit Vegas next.
Jones: I got it! Caine's money house, and he's a man short too. One of his boys, name of Jericho, showed up in town an hour ago. I tailed him to the old town on Chacón. We gotta hook up there, and then we'll see where Jericho goes.

Tanner hangs up the phone.

Back To Jones

Tanner races over to Jones in time to see Jericho leaving.

Tail Jericho

Jones: Make like glue with the trouble-man!

Tanner and Jones tail him to a large building. They all park.

Jones: Okay, I'll stay put around front. You foot-tail him. If he heads out the back, you go with him. You know where to reach me. Go.


Two security guards sit in the courtyard of a large building.

Guard 1: Tá tudo numa boa aqui. (Everything is cool here.)
Guard 2: Bom... Vou fumar um cigarro. (Well... I'll smoke a cigarette.)
Guard 1: Não sei... Tá tudo na mesma". (Don't know... Everything's the same as usual.)

A gunshot rings out. The two guards stand and scan the building with their flashlights. The elevator begins to descend, and they approach.

Guard 1: Quem é? (Who is it?)
Guard 2: Alguém? (Someone there?)

The elevator stops. Jericho turns and shoots them both, then walks to his car as Tanner watches.

Pursue Jericho

Tanner chases Jericho, and knocks him unconscious in a crash.


Jericho wakes up bound to the passenger seat in Tanner's car.

Tanner: See, now I'm just catching up, so you're gonna have to help me out here. But the way I got it, so long as Vasquez has Lenny, Caine's gonna get hurt real bad. That's why you're here, isn't it?
Jericho: You don't know who you're messin' with.
Tanner: Lenny knows everything, doesn't he, Jericho?
Jericho: Lenny's as dead as you are.
Tanner: But Caine knows, and you know, that without Lenny, no matter how many hits you make, you can't stop Vasquez, can you? Caine's in Vegas. He already knows Vasquez is coming for him, doesn't he? Well, you and me are gonna pay Caine a visit.
Jericho: I'm gonna pop your neck with my hands.

Tanner looks out the window and sees an approaching car.

Tanner: Brazilians... my guess is they want to talk to you...

Escape The Brazilians

Brazilians pursue Tanner and Jericho in a beat-up car, but they escape to the garage.


Music: Dust Junkys - Fever

It's a sunny day in Las Vegas. Trucks pull into a storage yard and unload crates full of weapons. Pink Lenny is doing bookwork in the office. He hears someone at the door, and draws a handgun. The door opens, revealing...

Lenny: Vasquez!


Tanner and Jones meet with Caine in one of his casinos. They have Jericho bound by the hands between them.

Tanner: Vasquez is nothing without Lenny. We know that, so your luck's in. We're bringing your boy Jericho back. In return, we want in on finding Lenny.

The two sides draw guns and point them at each other.

Tanner: Trust make you nervous, Caine?

Caine motions for his men to put their weapons down.

Caine: What's Lenny to you?
Jones: He pulled a cross on us way back. Our hundred-thou slipped into Lenny's hands and out of sight. See, now understand, we still keen for that green.
Caine: Understand this: you cross me, I'll find you, and kill you. One of you tracks Lenny, the other drives for me. I'll contact you as the jobs come in. We'll hit Vasquez everywhere; fronts, stores, munitions dumps. We'll buy us some time until Lenny shows.

Casino Getaway

Jericho and some of Caine's men are hitting a Casino owned by Vasquez. Tanner picks them up, loses the heat, and takes them all to one of Caine's garages.

Beat The Train

Caine: (phone call) Vasquez got one of my men dumped in the trunk of a car. Spring him, Tanner.

Tanner races a freight train to a bridge and gets the car off it in the nick of time.

Car Bomb

Caine: (phone call) Can you believe the stones on Vasquez? He sends me a car packing C4. We're gonna gift-wrap it back.

One of Vasquez's men parks the car outside Caine's house. Tanner takes it over to one of Vasquez's casinos, parks it out front, and bolts with seconds to spare. The bomb devastates the casino.

Car Bomb Getaway

Tanner steals a car, loses the heat, and gets to a safehouse.

Bank Job


Jericho and one of Caine's men are engaged in a shootout with the police. They are covering behind a car knocked on its side outside a bank.

Caine's Man: The driver's hit, and the cops got him!
Jericho: Call Caine, get us out! Do it, now!

Caine: (phone call) Jericho's run into heat and his wheelman's down. Get him out before the backup's on us.

Tanner drives over to the bank, picks up Jericho, loses the cops, and gets to another of Caine's garages.

Steal The Ambulance

Caine: (phone call) Our driver went down and the medic's got him in a convoy.
Tanner: (phone call) Is he bad?
Caine: (phone call) He ain't good, but we got a guy out there who can slap him back together.
Tanner: (phone call) Will he squeal?
Caine: (phone call) Save us the bother of finding out.

Tanner pursues the ambulance and takes out its escort. He stops the ambulance, hijacks it, and takes it to the garage.

Stake Out


Music: Sugar Pie DeSanto and Etta James - In The Basement, Part 1

Tanner and Jones are playing pool in a bar.

Jones: Cover? That's why I'm keeping my head down. That's why I need the ride, Tanner. Man, I got smart-ass cops from Vegas crawling all over me, putting on the squeeze.
Tanner: (laughs) They figured you as working for Vasquez?
Jones: Uh-huh. Cover is solid. Still, ain't nothing more I can do here now. I got all I need. But Lenny was here. My guess, he blew out to Rio, with me after him.

Jones pockets a ball.

Jones: Hey, if Caine's coming out on top for now, that got anything to do with you?

Tanner shakes his head.

Jones: Listen, you better make it count while you can, 'cause Lenny's changing everything. The longer he's in the Brazilian pocket, the bigger Caine's gonna lose.
Note: I believe some dialog was cut from this scene.
Jones: So what is it Lenny knows?
Tanner: He's not the whole story. There's more between Caine and Vasquez than Lenny. They know each other's moves.
Jones: Now, we don't know that! We gotta go with what we got.

Tanner deliberately pockets the 8-ball out of turn, losing the game.

Tanner: Come on, let's get you out of here.

Tanner and Jones get in his car. They pull out of the carpark and onto a side street.

Tanner: Airport, right?
Jones: Yeah, that's right.
Tanner: You got no bags?
Jones: I got a few things.
Tanner: Aw man, Jones is gonna stink again.
Jones: No I ain't! I told you, that weren't me, it was the guy behind me. I'll buy some new threads when I land.
Tanner: Use the little washbag they gave you too, okay?
Jones: I did! Now, just drop it will you?

They run into a police roadblock.

Police: You are under arrest! Step out of your vehicle now!
Jones: Roadblock! They staked us out! Let's move it!

Tanner loses the cops and gets Jones to the airport in time for his flight.

Steal The Keys

Caine: (phone call) We found the yard that feeds Vasquez. Gas, guns, everything. Destroy this yard, we cut his supplies and hit him hard. The yard keys are in the blue sedan.

Tanner chases the car, stops it, and retrieves the keys.

C4 Deal

Caine: (phone call) Get to the car lot. The guys I use will be on the second floor, waiting. Do the deal for the C4, make the switch, and get out.

Tanner heads over to the car lot and speaks to Caine's man. A prowling cop sees them.

Cops: We got him, just head to the car lot. Unit 37 requesting backup.
Explosives Guy: You're new. Caine should have told me he was using someone new. Deal's off.
Tanner: Deal's on, unless you wanna take this up with Jericho.
Explosives Guy: The money?
Tanner: The bag.

Cops raid the meet, and Tanner escapes to the first floor.

Destroy The Yard

Caine: (phone call) Head out to the yard, no cops. Use the keys to get you in. Plant the C4 on the tankers and then get out of there. Hold up your end, and we'll be hitting Vasquez's base by nightfall.

Tanner drives out to Vasquez's supply yard, puts the explosives on the trucks, and blows it all sky-high.


A Brazilian guard is sitting in the office at Vasquez's base, listening to music. A van with Caine and some of his men pulls in. They lure the guard outside and shoot him. Jericho drags the guard into the office, and hauls him up onto the desk.

Caine: Where's Vasquez?
Guard: Every- (splutters) Everyone's gone.
Caine: Where's Vasquez?
Guard: Gone.

Jericho hits him.

Caine: Where's Vasquez?
Guard: In Rio. You can't win, he has Lenny. It's only a matter of time; Vasquez will come back for you.
Caine: He can do what he likes, dead man. I'm coming for Lenny!

Caine punches him in the face.


Daytime in Rio. Two cars pull up outside a large house. Tanner waits outside while Caine and Jericho go inside to see Jones. A gangster is noisily slurping up a thickshake.

Caine: Where's Lenny? I got Chicago and Vegas falling around my ears. You'd better not be wasting my time.
Jones: He's here. They keep bumping him around town. Vasquez has watched the-

The gangster, oblivious to his company, continues to slurp.

Jones: Vasquez has watched the docks and the airport every day 'til today. The day you arrive. It's like he just let you walk in. You wanna explain that to me?
Caine: Just find Lenny. I'll deal with Vasquez.

Jericho has had enough of the thickshake.

Jericho: Learn some manners, or your head's gonna be leaking that shake!

Bus Crush

Caine: (phone call) We got word Vasquez has grouped his cars. Wreck them before they separate.

Tanner retrieves an armored bus and uses it to total five cars. He is then chased by Brazilians, but loses them and heads to a garage.

Steal The Cop Car

Caine: (phone call) Vasquez is moving his cash. He's expecting a limo to collect it from Palacio Romano. Can you get it?
Tanner: (phone call) Yeah. I can get it. Does it matter how?
Caine: (phone call) No.
Tanner: (phone call) It's yours.

Tanner gets a police car from their lockup and outruns the cops.

Caine's Cash

Tanner uses the cop car to convince the limo driver to give it up without a fight. He then goes to a mansion, where a guard gives him the money and questions him about the real driver. Upon realizing the deception, the guard gives chase to Tanner, but Tanner escapes.

Save Jones

Caine: (phone call) The Mechanic's calling on Jones. He's on his way.
Tanner: (phone call) Where?
Caine: (phone call) Check the green sedan heading out from the obelisk.

Tanner stops the sedan after a fast chase along the Rio beachfront.


Tanner and Jones are walking along a waterfront, discussing recent events.

Jones: You're right about Caine. There's something between him and Vasquez. Something more than Lenny. They operate the same way; I can't figure it out. Listen, they're moving Lenny the day after tomorrow. I get the details a couple of hours before they move.
Tanner: Are you sure?
Jones: Am I sure? I'm a freaking holy wonder, baby! I got a hotline to the slime!
Tanner: Get out as soon as you know. You cover is too thin to hold. Next time they'll make sure...
Jones: Look, this ain't finished yet. I stay 'til it is.
Tanner: Jones, we'll get someone else in. A new face. Yours is tripping too many wires.
Jones: It's my face that's unlocking the doors.
Tanner: We got options. We can pick the locks. I'll make some calls.
Jones: Look, Vasquez has more men pouring into Chicago every day. Yesterday he sent a team back to Vegas. You know it ain't gonna stop here! Where next? San Diego, Miami? Caine's losing ground every minute. We have to stop them here, Tanner, while Caine still has a chance. We have to bring Lenny in now!
Tanner: Forty eight hours, Jones. That's all you got. Then we bring in a new face and we do this differently.
Jones: This is the only way!

Tanner walks away.

Boat Jump

Caine: (phone call) The ship we tagged last night is on its way up to Havana with a hull full of "toys". I don't want that hardware leaving.
Tanner: (phone call) When's it moving?
Caine: (phone call) It's already loaded.

Tanner races over to the dock, plants explosives on the ship, and leaps off the bow back onto dry land. The ship is scuttled and sinks fast.

Jones In Trouble

Jones: (phone call) It's Jones. I'm at the watertower. There's a chopper coming in for Lenny at the fort. If we don't move, in twenty minutes we'll have lost him for good. Get over here! Vasquez is onto me!

Tanner races over to the watertower.


Tanner finds Jones face down on the floor inside a cabin. Suddenly, shots ring out. Tanner takes cover and returns fire. The gunman sprints for his car. Jones wakes up.

Jones: Go!

Tanner dashes for the gate as the gunman speeds away.

Chase The Gunman

Tanner takes a car and gives chase to the gunman along a precarious single-lane clifftop pass surrounding a large lake. He manages to destroy the gunman's car.

Lenny Escaping

Tanner: (phone call) Caine, it's Tanner. They're moving Lenny in a chopper from the fort. It's our last chance, Caine. I'm heading out.
Caine: (phone call) Take some backup.
Tanner: (phone call) I can handle-
Caine: (phone call) Take some backup. Pick up Jericho at Laranjeiras.

Tanner drives over to Jericho, gets in his car, and they race over to the fort.


Tanner guns his car up a ramp and onto the fort as Lenny's chopper begins to rise up into the sky. Tanner and Jericho get out of the car and shoot at it in a desperate attempt to stop Lenny before he escapes. Amazingly, the chopper is hit in a critical area and catches fire. It lowers and slows down; Lenny seems to only have limited control.

Jericho: It's going down! Let's move.

Tanner points his gun at Jericho's head.

Tanner: Time to break up the party, Jericho.
Jericho: You pointing that at me?
Tanner: Put the sawn-offs down.
Jericho: Bad mistake.
Tanner: Put them down.

Jericho drops his guns.

Tanner: Tell Caine I need Lenny more than he does.
Jericho: I'll find you.

Tanner gets in the car and speeds out as sirens approach. Jericho simply watches him.

Lenny Gets Caught

Tanner pursues Lenny's chopper as he struggles to keep it in the air. Lenny flies around a lake and crashes the chopper in a park.


Tanner pulls up in his car. Lenny is crawling away from the burning wreckage of his chopper, having miraculously survived the crash. Tanner gets out and walks toward him.

Tanner: You're one popular guy, Lenny. Seems everyone wants ya: Caine, Vasquez, Rio PD, me... Personally, I don't care what you know.

Lenny reaches for his gun on the ground.

Tanner: You're not gonna shoot that.
Lenny: I am, I am. I'm gonna-

Tanner kicks the gun out of his hand and beats the sh*t out of him.


Tanner and Lenny, who is in cuffs, disembark a plane back in Chicago. The police chief is waiting for them.

Chief: It's cooling down here and in Vegas. Vasquez's outfit's leaving, now I'm starting to recognize the place again.
Note: I believe some dialog was cut from this scene.
Chief: What about Caine? Where does this leave Caine and Vasquez?
Tanner: Back where they were before.
Chief: Whadya mean "where they were before"? What else is between them apart from Lenny?
Tanner: Took a long time to figure that out.

Tanner leaves, and the Chief takes Lenny into custody.


Music: Mozart - Lacrimosa (from Requiem, Sequentia No. III)

Vasquez and Caine meet under Christ The Redeemer in Rio. Caine, wearing a singlet, reveals his allegiance tattoo.


Music: Kenny Rogers & The First Edition - Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In)

Tanner gets in his car and drives through the streets of Chicago. A blue soft-top begins to tail him.

Credit roll. The end!
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Nice work! This definitely took a ton of time to do. Small corrections:

-"I never figured Lenny'd be worth dying over." I'm pretty sure Tanner says this, not Jones.

-"Who, Caine?..." I think he says "Fool, Caine?" (name-calling the witness a fool, with an accent)

-"We'll split up..." Sounds more like "We'll split 'em." (splitting up the pursuing cops)

-"Make like blue with the trouble man" sounds more like "Make like glue with the trouble man"

-"The driver's dead and the cops got him..." sounds more like "The driver's hit and the cops got him..." I think this makes more sense as it probably ties in with the next mission

-Tanner: (phone call) Have we got a guy out?
Caine: (phone call) Yeah, who can slap him back together.

It sounds more like just Caine saying this whole part and says "He ain't good. But we got a guy out there who can slap him back together."

-"You cut his supplies and hit him hard" I think it's "We"

-Cops: "We got a suspect in the car lot. 10-37 requesting backup." Sounds like "We got 'em. You just head to the car lot. Unit 37, requesting backup." I get the impression the cops have had eyes on that car lot for a while (due to Caine's past dealings with the explosives supplier there) and staked it out. That cop was talking to another patrol car on the matter. The 10-37 vs Unit 37 is more gray. Unit # can be a code for station precincts in a city. While 10-37 does make sense, it really doesn't sound like he's saying ten. So I'm undecided on that last bit.

-Explosives Guy: "Yeah, I know..." sounds more like "You're new." with an accent. He's saying that since he never seen Tanner before.

-Caine: "Where's Lenny? I got your cargo in Vegas falling around my ears." Sounds more like "I got Chicago and Vegas falling around my ears." Meaning gang wars are erupting and his outfits in those cities are slowly dropping.

-"Paletzio" is probably Palacio, which means Palace (so Roman Palace).

-"... This is our last chance, Caine." "It's our last chance, Caine."
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By helegad
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I took most of your small corrections Retro :) The only one I disagree on is the paramedic conversation; God knows what they're actually mumbling to each other, but the dialogue definitely switches between Tanner and Caine when they're discussing the "guy out".

I'd love to see the original script for this game...

Things still up in the air that I'd love some native Spanish speakers to sort out for me :)
Tanner: (threatens him in Spanish)
"I tailed him to the old town on Chicol(?)."
"Pick up Jericho at Laren Haras(?)."
By driverretro
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Thanks :)

Personally, I do believe Caine said that whole line. I listened it over with adjusted sound and in various videos, as well as others agreeing, that it's the same person speaking those lines. It does sound like 2 different people, but I took that as him just changing the tone of his voice mid-sentence from higher to lower. Plus it makes more sense and less disjointed in terms of meaningful dialog. But who knows. I don't exclude the chance that it's 2 separate lines, but I'd guess then that the first thing that is said is actually something else.

The thing Tanner says to the dock worker, most of the time, they say it's a rough translation of Tanner threatening the guy along the lines of "Do you think I want your blood on my shirt?" (¿Piensas que quiero tu sangre en mi camisa) Most say it's broken Spanish, the writers didn't do a good job on this part probably. On that note, the Portuguese and Spanish (?) dialog spoken in this game is said to be hilariously off mark.

I think Jones says Chacon. If you look at it on an actual map it looks a lot like the street layout of the place you meet Jones.

What Caine says is much harder to figure out; it does sound like he's saying Haras, but I'm not sure the previous word. It could be one of several things.
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By gcantacini
Great work you guys did back there! I know I'm pretty late to the party, but I'd like to add a contribution.

The "Laren Haras" part spoken by Caine is actually "Laranjeiras", a place in Rio de Janeiro. The pronunciation is way off compared to Portuguese (which sounds a bit like "laran-jay-ras").

And then there's the small talk between the Brazilians in Cuba, who were killed by Jericho. The dialogue and pronunciation are somewhere in-between robotic and human.

Here's my transcript of that scene.

Guard 1: "Tá tudo numa boa aqui".
(Everything is cool here)

Guard 2: "Bom... Vou fumar um cigarro"
(Well... I'll smoke a cig)

Guard 1: "Não sei... Tá tudo na mesma".
(Don't know... Everything's same as usual)

Suddenly a loud noise is heard. The guards turn their flashlights on to find its source.

Then, an elevator starts descending.

Guard 1: "Quem é?"
(Who is it?)

The elevator is almost reaching the floor.

Guard 2: "Alguém?"
(Someone there?)

The elevator reaches the floor, with Jericho. He is holding his saw-offs and has his back facing the guards, which are still trying to figure out what is going on.
Suddenly, Jericho faces the guards and fire his saw-offs, killing the Brazilian guards.
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