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Hi,I always loved Driver,so I'm enthusiastic about Driver's great and really fun,in the spirit of the original Driver.

But ehi,there's one BIG problem....I play constantly Survival 'cause it's too fun...but i'ts too frustrating going fast near a wall to escape the cops,and suddenly,all the time,the car CRASH in to the wall....WHY???????

Do you think in reality,when drive really close to a wall,you suddenly crash in to the wall,and the car stops?
Of course not,it's RIDICOLOUS.
I'm drivin' really CLOSE to the wall,not INTO to the wall,so apparently there's no reason to explain why my car crashes and stop.
Al least it can be some sparks and friction IF I touch the wall ( IF....and I assure you that often the car stops and I didn't' even touch the wall!!! ) ,but not in anyway the car must stop! It's EMBARASSING.

PLEASE fix the problem,it's terribly frustrating.
Sorry, but the feedback section is dedicated to the site itself, not Syndicate, so I moved the topic.

Presently, there's a topic on Syndicate here or alternatively, you can join the Discord to provide more instant feedback and follow developments closer. Enjoy!..✌️ Enjoy!✌️ Enjoy!..👌✌️

DRIV3R HD Remastered - V10 Released!

when will the mod be released?