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Hiya all,

I installed 'The classic syndicate 1.7.14 file into the 'addons' folder, but when I go to turn on the map in settings a white box pops up saying 'addsearchpath errorspath smods_3 already added. But I can't activate it arrgh. It's also not listed when I take a ride. Also I put 'cincy' in the addon folder, managed to turn it on, but when I loaded it up it cam up with another white box: assertion failed, unhanded exception.. I'm not having much luck here, doh. any help would much be appreciated, many thanks.
Hiya, when I try to download from this site it says: google drive, 'we're sorry you can't access this item because it's in violation of our terms of service'. Has anybody else had this problem. Is there another site I can download the latest build please, many thanks.
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