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By Hot Shoe
Hello all! New to the forum, and new to this game/project! The Driver series has long been a favorite of mine, first playing Driver: You Are the Wheelman on PC! I am anxious to get into this game, but I am experiencing some controller input issues, and am seeking help.

I do apologize if this is the wrong place to post such a topic, but I couldn't find a "support" section of the forums.

I am attempting to use my Xbox 360 Wired controller for game input. All seems to work as intended, accept for the Left and Right sticks. Attempting to register Camera/Steering input on either stick results in the same input being registered for the selected input. If I try to register Left and Right steer to the appropriate controller input, in game, the cars tires will turn right even when I push my Left Stick Left. Camera inputs do not register properly on the right stick either, as input in the setup menu generalizes input to the overall axis, instead of specific axis inputs.

Is there anything I can do to correct this? IS this an issue within the game development?

Any help is extremely appreciated! Thank you!

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