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By madness
bb_42001 wrote:Merry Christmas everyone!

What does everyone hope to get for christmas?
a day older, my brother to turn...

aswell i, or else :? i be dead :shock:

wish everyone a day older, for christmas ❤️
for every christmas, keep on sleigherin' :specialdriver:

By 77Pacer
Hey, what's up? Merry Christmas everyone! Wishing you all the best of the holidays. Anyways, remember the crashing sound heard in "Driver: You Are The Wheelman" and "Driver 2: The Wheelman is Back"?(the one with the distinctive glass shatter heard after impact). Well, there's PLENTY that I can tell you about the sound. A LOT more than just a sound we know from Driver, this particular sound was actually used in numerous car chase movies from the 1970s and 1980s. I usually go from movie to movie listening for this sound. So far, the following is ALL the titles of the movies/TV Shows I found it in:
1. The French Connection (1971)
2. Vanishing Point (1971)
3. Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids (1972-1985)
4. M*A*S*H (1972-1983)
5. The Poseidon Adventure (1972)
6. The Last American Hero (1973)
7. The Seven-Ups (1973)
8. 99 and 44/100% Dead (1974)(heard in trailer at least, I don't know if it's in the film itself or not)
9. The Towering Inferno (1974)
10. Race With The Devil (1975)
11. The French Connection II (1975)
12. The Kansas City Massacre (1975)
13. Cannonball (1976)
14. Gator (1976)
15. Silver Streak (1976)
16. Smokey & the Bandit (1977)(heard in trailer but NOT the final film)
17. Wizards (1977)
18. The Driver (1978)
19. Hooper (1978)
20. The Hunter (1980)(heard in trailer at least, I don't know if it's in the film itself or not)
21. Eyewitness (1981)(heard in trailer but NOT the final film)
22. The Fall Guy (1981-1986)(heard in the Season 3 episodes "Dirty Laundry" and "The Last Drive").
23. Cagney and Lacey (1982-1988)(variant/possible alternate take)(heard in the Season 3 episode "Unusual Occurrence"
24. The Soldier (1982).
25. Impulse (1984)(heard in trailer but NOT in the final film)
26. The Terminator (1984)(ONLY in the original mono mix)
27. Commando (1985).
28. Mischief (1985)
29. The Man with One Red Shoe (1985)
30. Jumpin' Jack Flash (1986)(heard in trailer but NOT in the final film)
31. Maximum Overdrive (1986)(heard in trailer at least, I don't know if it's in the film itself or not)
Of these 31 titles I found the sound in, 18 of them are 20th Century Fox productions, meaning that they were probably the original copyright owners to it. However, there's also 2 key points of evidents that links the sound to the late sound effects guy Theodore Soderberg (1923-2012):
1. 12 of the titles it's heard in have Soderberg's name in the credits.indicating that it was probably his sound.
2. According to his Wikipedia article, he was active from 1970-1986, which happens to be the same era of the years in which the Movies/TV Shows it was heard in were released (1971-1986). However, Soderberg isn't the ONLY guy that is believed to be connected to the sound, as there's probably another: Don J. Bassman (1927-1993), who was the only sound effects guy credited in "The Kansas City Massacure" (1975), in which it was heard 10 times!

Considering that nobody bothers to claim ownership of the sound byte, I simply took it upon myself to not only adopt it for my own sound effects library, but also to go ahead with utilizing it in my OWN movies, including my first full-length film, "Return of the Black Thrasher: The Movie" (2009) (
)! I even have it as my default notification sound on my Android mobile phone! I swear to God that there's no better car crash sound effect than the sound byte I speak of. Oh, even now, I'm STILL looking for this sound byte in other movies.

To further raise awareness of the origins of the sound effect, I created a Sound Effects Wiki article on it: ... ntury_Fox), and I even made it available for download from freesound dot org:
NOTE: To be honest with you, I know nothing about the copyright status of this sound. I'm actually trying to find that out myself. I really wish I could tell you, but I honestly don't know if this sound is copyrighted or not. It hasn't been used in real movies since the late 1980s, so it's very unlikely that it's still copyrighted as far as I know. Even with the smallest chances that it is still copyrighted despite not having been utilized in movies in over 3 decades, it's beyond my knowledge. What I said about it being connected to 20th Century Fox is purely my speculation; I DID NOT read any of it online!
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By Vortex
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A new video on Driver 2 with modern graphics. It also shows how simple yet effective the Driver formula is. This is not rocket science: just put muscle cars with 70's music, police chases and a good 70's music vibe and you got it! :rageuh:
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By jr15032000
hi guys jr here i have a question is there any driv3r remake project ?
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By Jesse
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madness wrote: Thu Aug 11, 2022 12:26 pm
KemonoRacer wrote:Hello :3
👋 hey there
Ahoi Madnes! How are you doing today? :D
By Casimer McGlynn
What's up drivers?
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By Skylabh
It's been a while since I've been back here. Is there still a bit of life on this forum?
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By Vortex
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Well, the Discord is still active at least! And new mods and content are on their way!
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