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By max.thunder

1:55 Amazing

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By Clutch
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second video - music for my ears.

From me:
maybe not so legendary in the world as Quattro or 205 T16, but still worth watching... car which is epic for every Polish who loves rallies.
There's not much information about this construction, because all these cars were deconstructed and selled in parts, God knows why, after FSO Sport withdrawn their participation in Grup B rallies.

I really don't know, why so few videos contain scenes with this car.

FSO Polonez 2000 Rally

engine: inline 4 DOHC, 2.0 litres
power: about 220 HP
v-max: 220 km/h (about 137 mph)
0-100km/h (62mph): under 6 seconds
weight: about 980 kg (2.2 lb)

electric injection or 4 Weber carburetors,
regulated locking level of differential,
3 versions of ratios for transmission,
5 versions of ratios for rear axle

Sound of replica:

Whatcha think? ;)
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By max.thunder
For a rebodied car from Polski Fiat 125 looks pretty good and handles well. Giugiaro made great designs. This car was one of them.

I liked the moment when the Audi was behind XD

The original versions are way better judging by the videos (or maybe the reason are the drivers).

Lada also had great rally cars but shame that most of them were never used.
There were also a rear-engined Samara 4x4 rally car (1985), and the 1987 mid-engined Samara-EVA with a turbocharged 16-valve 1860 cc engine (300 hp). An even more powerful Samara S-Proto appeared two years later (350 hp). Most notably, the Samara T3 came seventh in the 1990 Paris-Dakar Rally and fifth in 1991, piloted by none other than Jacky Ickx. The T3, however, didn't contain many Samara parts, using the Porsche 959's four-wheel drive system and a 3.6-litre Porsche flat-six. It was developed by French concessionaire Lada-Poch together with NAMI and the Tupolev aerospace company.
Also known as the Zhiguli, this Russian car, based on the Fiat 124, started production in 1970 with the 2101. It remained a Russian best seller for decades afterwards. In Vilnius (Lithuania) a firm called VFTS constructed modified racing versions of the old Lada. The Lada 2105 VFTS was created by the legendary Soviet racer Stasys Brundza, who won the 1974 Tour d' Europe in a Moskvitch-412 and placed 6th in 1976 Acropolys Rally in a Lada 1600.

Lada VFTS (Zhiguli 2105)
Homologation: 01.10.1982 (B222)
Weight: 920kg (lbs)(Evo 1)
Weight: 820kg (lbs) with aluminum components (Evo 2)
Engine Specifications:
Engine: 1569cc Inline 4 cylinder
Bore: 79.5mm
Stroke: 80mm
Compression: 11.5:1
Induction: Two Weber 40 DCOE Carburetors
Power: 160hp @ 7000rpm
Torque: 164.8 Nm @ 5500rpm
I was also sent some info on a 1.8L turbo VFTS 2105 Engine
Engine: 1.8L (Evo) Inline 4 cylinder
Induction: Forced Turbo
Head: DOHC 16v
Power: 240hp
Based on the Lada 2108 model, VFTS built a Group B special. This was a rear wheel drive sports car with the engine of 300 hp. Several prototypes had been built and funds were allocated for constructing the 200 homologation copies, but the project never happened because of the cessation of Group B at the end of 1986.

Homologation: None - Prototype
Layout: Mid Engine, RWD
Engine Specifications:
Engine: 1860cc Inline 4 cylinder (Zhiguli)
Head: DOHC 16 Valve
Fuel: Electronic
Induction: Forced Turbo
Power: 300hp
Probably if terrible accidents like the death of Attilio Bettega, Henri Toivonen, Sergio Cresto and the spectators in Portugal, Group B wouldn't be banned. Although soon or later it was gonna to be banned because those cars were too fast to race even by experienced drivers. Some rally drivers criticized the lack of security in rallies and lots of crowds in turns and near the roads. Nobody heard them and the tragedy happened.

What i find crazy is that a Group S was going to be after Group B if the tragedies didn't happen. Those cars look like for circuit racing, not for gravel.

This car originally had 600 HP in a 1.8 engine.

This had the same engine. It was calculated to be able to accelerate from 0 to 200 km/h around 9 seconds.
Weight: 910 Kg.

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