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By madness
It's time for me to start doing some big planning for this massive texture mod, I thought it would be possible to do it all myself however this would consume to much time and the massive modification wouldn't look the best.

So my plans are going to be fairly big and fluent.

I'm going to try and cover all the textures and I feel that it is both easist and best to start off with the vehicle textures, however if you have a .dds texture you'd like to include from any of the other archieves feel free to send it to me at any time on .

At the moment I have organised the vehicles.sp file related content here.
Soon in the future I will have organised the characters.sp file in a similar format.

I am unable to organise any other archieves as well as this, since they don't have an in-game name.

If anyone feels like contributing just use the SL Converter and start converting textures to .DDS and edit them, once you're done send the file to me so I can test it and add it to the final mod.

Once every three to five months I will release a progress report including a beta/alpha version of the massive modification for testing purposes.

and hopefully by the end of 2012 and earlier dates I will release a alpha and beta products which are partically incomplete. Until we finish the total conversion.

Now if we don't get to much interest I guess we may lose interest in the project and we will just release an uncomplete version, but at least we would have achieved something.

So if you have or are interested in making any modifications, please open up a topic showing your interest and we can work out a strategy on approaching this modification.
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By Skylabh
Chill out.
Crashman2552, if you want to promote your modding site/blog, you should put the links in your signature instead.
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