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By Raythewheelman42
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Raythewheelman42 wrote:New York City, 1979, Queens..
Corrigan get in his Fairview, drive away to Steinway then suddendly, Tanner Cerva is just behind him
"alright i'll stop my vehicle and talk with him" said Corrigan in a bad mood.
Tanner get out of his Cerva and get toward Corrigan direction on the sidewalk near a brick house "Hey young boy" said Corrigan in his natural voice "May we talk about the Colombian kidnap that happened a year ago as a NYPD high rank told me ?" answered Tanner in a bored voice "Hmm how about talking about that in a Coffee shop ?" "Maybe why not dude" quietly said Tanner
2 Minutes later*
"Also, who are you young men ?" "I'm John Tanner, a undercover police officer, you may know my name due to some of my missions" "I was thinking about you when i was entering in my car, by the way i'm Henry Corrigan McLeod, undercover NYPD officer"
Tanner sip his espresso* "I have heard of TK and Ray Davies, i know Ray Davies because he has a auto shop in San Francisco, owned by his cousin Kenneth Davies, he taking care of Ray's Auto Shop there" said Tanner "Ray Davies is good man" told Corrigan "I only know Terry Kid from the NYPD database, he was jailed for murder, reckless driving and evasion right ?" "Yes,he was sentenced for 28 years in Sing-Sing Prison"
to be continued..

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