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By bb_42001
Ok guys so this is my attempt at a fan fiction, a cross over between Driver, and Starwars: The Clone Wars. If you have never seen the clone wars tv show you may not know who i am talking about, but thoughts please?
Tanner and Jones were heading back to the station after driving around San Francisco looking for sign, any signs of Jericho. Little did they know, Today was the day when their lives would change, But for the better or worse?

Jones sighed looked out the window of Tanners favourite car, His 1970 Challenger.
“ Ok Tanner we have been driving around the city for hours, there has been no signs of Jericho anywhere, Lets head back.”

Tanner gripped his hands tightly around the wooden steering wheel, “ I have been chasing him for years, i can’t believe he would just give up now, But you’re right, we need to be heading back.”

All of a sudden Tanner gave the car full left lock as he decided to turn down the street on his left, causing Jones to be pushed against the window leaving a print where his mouth had been.

“ God i hate it when he does that.” Jones thought to himself as he slightly rubbed his face.

After they had traveled about 500 metres down the road, Three black SUVs turn out of a side street and start tailing the Challenger.

“ Jones looks like we have been noticed, Look behind us.” Tanner said, Just as he put his foot to the floor, Making the wheels squeal a bit with the loss of traction.

“ At least they haven’t started shooting at us yet” Jones said.

“ Well they need to catch us first” Tanner replied

The Challenger groaned as Tanner pulled off a hard right hand turn, then just as he went to put the foot down he noticed a car coming straight for them. Tapping the brake and quickly pulling the wheel left he narrowly avoided the other car. Once the car was passed them, Another tap of the brake and pulling the wheel to the right he got the car on the right side of the road.

Tanner looks behind him in the mirror and notices one of the black SUVs try the same maneuver he just pulled off with no success, He could only laugh as he watched the SUV hit the pavement and into a brick wall.

“ Tanner look, What the f**k is that” Jones said with terror in his voice.

Tanner put his focus in front of him and he sees what Jones is scared about. This bright white light seems to be coming towards them, Tanner can’t see anything and when he tries to stop the car, It just keeps moving forward.
“ We are in so much sh*t now” Tanner thought to himself.

And with that thought, The challenger was swallowed up by the white light as was the Two remaining SUVs.


It had been a month since Ahsoka had left the Jedi Temple for good, Leaving her master heart broken on the steps was the hardest decision of her life. Now the little Togruta girl was sitting alone in the remote part of her homeworld Shili.

Ever since leaving she had been using her connection with the force to sense where ever her former master was, Just this small contact with him gave her courage to continue on her own path.

But since the night before, She was using the force, Hoping the force would save her, Someone was after her, She didn’t know who, But a few hours ago they almost caught her. Although she did have her lightsaber, which she found in the Coruscant’s underworld, She needed help.

Just then While asking the force for help, She heard movement.

“ Kriffing hell” She thought to herself

And with that she got up and started running in the opposite direction hoping that she was faster then who ever was chasing her. After about an hour of running, She got to a clearing, Needing a minute to catch her breath, She stopped.

Then not very far from her, This blinding white light appeared from nowhere, So bright she had to shield her eyes, Then she could hear something, Ahsoka wasn’t sure at first, But it sounded like an engine.

Out of the light she started to make out a shape, It looked like a speeder, But it had wheels on it. It took Ahsoka a second to realise it was coming right for her, Before she could think the strange speeder was slowing down rapidly in front of her.

Just before the speeder hit her, Ahsoka used the force to jump back a few feet, Thats where she was greeted with the strangest sight, Two humans was looking at her, A very bewildered expression on both of their faces.

Before Ahsoka could work out what was going on, Two more strange speeders appears from the light, But these was different, They were shooting something. At first she didn’t think they were much to worry about but once she saw how fast these small stones were traveling and the fact they shattered the back glass on the first speeder, She decided to confront them, Igniting her lightsaber Ahsoka lept into action, However she very quickly realised her lightsaber could not deflect the small stones. Knowing this, She used the force to approach the speeders without getting hit. As she approached the were saying something to each other.

“ What the is that” Said one.

“ f**k that, What is this place, We need to get out of here” Said another.

“Stick the SUV into reverse, that light is still here, Lets go through it again” One said who was holding onto a wheel.

“ Quickly into reverse, Lets get the f**k going” Said the person holding the wheel on the other speeder.

And with that both speeders started going backwards and disappeared back into the light, However once they went in, The light disappeared too.

Of course Ahsoka couldn't understand what they were saying, As they weren't speaking basic, However realising this she had got her datapad out and started to translate what they were saying just before they left.

Ahsoka gives a small groan then turns around, However is surprised to realise the two humans from the first speeder are still there, However now out of the speeder. Ahsoka walks up to them. They look terrified.

“ Hello, I am Ahsoka Tano, Who are you?” She says, But they just stare at her.

“Kriff” Ahsoka thinks to herself, Taps on the datapad a few times then tries again.

“Hello, I am Ahsoka Tano, Who are you?” She repeats.

Slightly startled that he can understand this strange person, Tanner replies.

“ I am Tanner, And this is Jones. Where are we?” Tanner questions

“ We are on the planet Shili, Where are you from, How did you get here”

“ We are from Earth, I don’t know how we got here, This bright white light swallowed us up, and then we found ourselves here, heading towards you in our car”

“What is a car?” The strange girl said.
“This is, It is a 1970 Challenger” Tanner replied, Although looking at it he thought to himself it needed a wash.

Before Ahsoka could reply there was a big noise and she could see trees were falling, Whatever was following her had caught up and this time they had something that was destroying everything in its path.

Just as the last few trees were falling before the clearing, Ahsoka ignited her lightsaber read for a fight, Maybe to the death.

“ What am i going to do, These humans don’t belong, How can i save us all” Ahsoka thought to herself.

Btw that is called a one shot, Do you think i should try continue?
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By Fab2cent
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Nice, i would have never thought to put star wars and driver together. like Jack says, i would have taken a lot of imagination and a creative mind
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By 0takumetalhead
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Never expected a fanfic/crossover of Star Wars and Driver to work out but it really does, great job man!
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By max.thunder
I didn't have time to read it before, it was a very interesting read, and i think that i would like to see more of that. (Y)
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By bb_42001
Ok guys, Here is chapter 2, This chapter has more dialogue and not really much action, but hopefully still as good.
Chapter 2:

Ahsoka’s mind is racing the ‘thing’ is almost upon her, Without turning her head she asks,

“Do you guys have and weapons” She waits a moment for a reply, but when none comes she turns to face them.

“Get in the car!” Jones says as he dives into the back seat.

Tanner looks at her and then jumps in the front seat, Ahsoka notes it was the side with the wheel on it. With a bit of hesitation she opens the door of the other side of what they called a car, and sat down.

“ You will love this Ahsoka: Tanner says when she gets into the car.

With that he flicks the challenger into reverse, foot flat to the floor. Tanner notices it just hit twenty, Then he lightly taps the brake and pulls right lock on the steering wheel, Sending up a dust cloud while he does it. Ahsoka and Jones both flatten against the glass as he does it.

Facing the direction of a path, and opposite direction of the thing coming for them, Tanner shifts the car into gear, Foot flat to the floor again and as a big dust cloud appears from behind he straightens the wheels up and heads out.

As they were driving away, Jones who was looking behind them says.

“ My god, You guys have to see what is chasing us”.

Ahsoka whips her head around one of her head-tails brushes Tanner.

“ Its like a three story tank” Tanner says as he glances in the rear-view mirror.

“ It belongs to the separatists” With confused looks from Tanner and Jones she continues. “ Myself, This planet and others are know as the republic, We are at war with the separatists, They use a droid army”

“Droid?” Jones asks confused.

“ Machines, They are programed with certain tasks or can receive orders from their masters”.

“ Sounds a bit like Jericho” Jones mutters.

“ So where are we going Ahsoka, I mean i love driving but i am way out of my depth on this one” Tanner inquires.

“ If we head down the path for a bit, We will reach the city, I have a house there, We can regroup and work on a new plan ok” Ahsoka answers

Both Tanner and Jones reply in the affirmative at once.

“ Can this car thing go any faster” Ahsoka asks.

“ Hold on” Tanner replies.

With that Tanner flattens the accelerator pedal, The Challenger goes faster, While Tanner is correcting the steering constantly due to the uneven ground.

Ahsoka starts to look at her surroundings, And she notices the radio and the other controls on the dashboard and is fascinated at it all. After she starts looking out the window as they start getting closer to the city.

In the meantime Jones has been looking over Ahsoka, He notices her skin colour is orange, Has no hair, But has three tails coming out of her head. At the top of her head she has two small bumps that Jones thought looked quite odd. Then he notices a small long white device attached to her waist, It was the thing that made the green light sword.

It takes about ten minutes and they start to hit the city, As he starts seeing more people, Tanner notices that most look very similar to Ahsoka’s appearance. However most people on the streets are looking at the car driving, They haven't seen a driving vehicle in a long while.

“ Ok take the fourth left, Then the first right, Then another left and that will get us almost to my house” Said Ahsoka, As she finished saying that Tanner takes the first direction.

It takes another few minutes for them to get onto the right street, When they do Ahsoka says.

“ Ok third house on the left”

“ No worries” Tanner replies.

When they get to the house that Ahsoka said, Tanner slams his foot on the brake pedal causing the car to skid and Jones almost getting thrown into the front seats.

Tanner opens his door and lets Jones out, While Jones is getting out Ahsoka opens the passenger door and gets out as well. But unlike Tanner and Jones she walks straight up to the door and walks in, Jones follows with Tanner close behind.

As Jones was the first person to walk in, Besides Ahsoka, He looked around. Although it didn’t look like Ahsoka had much stuff, There was a sofa and two chairs, A small table, A small kitchen and two doors which Jones did not know where they went.

When Ahsoka walked in she went straight over to a chair and sat down, looked at Jones and Tanner and motioned for them to sit down as well.

“ Ok guys do you have any weapons” Ahsoka asks once she is comfortable in her seat.

Jones answers, “ We just have our sidearms”.

Tanner notices Ahsoka’s confusion and adds “ Our guns”.

“ May i please see one please” Ahsoka asks.

Tanner hands over his gun to Ahsoka who looks at it thoughtfully, Then decides to point it at a wall and pulls the trigger. Seeing the gun being fired startled Jones, But not as much as Ahsoka who had not been prepared for the recoil on the gun.

“ Interesting weapon, But i think a blaster would be better against droids” After saying that Ahsoka left her chair and entered one of the closed rooms.

While Ahsoka was out of the room, Jones asks Tanner, “ What do you think of this world and and this girl we are now with”

Tanner replies by saying, “ I honestly don't know what to think, But atleast i get to drive my challenger around different places” With a smile on his face.

With that Ahsoka comes out of the room, But with two more guns or so Tanner and Jones thought. Ahsoka walks over to Tanner and Jones and gives them a blaster each.

“ Lets go outside, I want you both to try these” Ahsoka says.

All three of them walk outside and Tanner glances at his challenger then Ahsoka starts to talk again, “ Try using the blaster and shoot at the wall over there”.

Jones went first, He lifted the blaster up as it was a gun, Looked down its barrel and squeezed the trigger, Because he has used a gun before, His shot was close to hitting the target, But he was not prepared for the power.

“ Bloody hell, That was insane, Jericho would be screwed if you had this in Miami Tanner” Jones says after his shot.

Ahsoka looks confused as she doesn't know what they were talking about, But Tanner steps up and mirrors the actions of Jones before, But his shot is closer to the target. After the shot Tanner just looks at the blaster, wishing he had one of these too.

After thinking to herself for a minute, Ahsoka asks” Tanner can you teach me how to drive your car please”.

Tanner looks a bit uneasy for a minute, As it his precious challenger, But decides that he will after Ahsoka had help both of them so much already.

“ Sure, Get in the drivers seat Ahsoka” Tanner says a bit nervous.

And with that Ahsoka goes to the drivers side of the challenger and gets in. When she does Tanner thinks to himself that, “ This should be interesting”.
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By Badnick24
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By Badnick24
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bb_42001 wrote:
Badnick24 wrote:
Are you mocking me?

also sorry chapter 3 isnt out yet, i am still working on it.
Um no lol. It's called congratulations! That story was great :lol:
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By bb_42001
Sorry about the delay on this Chapter guys, also reviews are always welcome.
Chapter 3:

- Jericho’s Hideout

Jericho was sitting in his office in the abandoned warehouse he now called his hideout. He had finally worked out where Tanner was, And he wanted him dead. To do that he sent out 3 SUVs full of his best men.

They were due back five hours ago and still nothing, Jericho was getting very impatient, But the longer they were gone, The more he thought they failed.

Just as he was thinking that, Two SUVs appear coming into the warehouse, Jericho noted to himself as he walked over to them, They looked dirty, Almost like they were driving in the middle of nowhere.

As the driver of the first SUV drove into the warehouse, He watched as Jericho walked out of his office and up to him, He could see the anger coming off him. How was he going to explain this one to Jericho he thought as he got out of the SUV.

As soon as the driver of the first SUV jumped out Jericho said “ Where have you been, you look like went driving through mud, You're missing a SUV and I still haven't heard about Tanner death”. Jericho looked at their expressions and saw the nervousness, so he added “ He isn’t dead is he?”

The driver of the second SUV decided to talk, “ It wasn’t our fault, you know how good of a driver he is, He made one of us crash, Then a white light appeared in front of him, we followed him and we somehow in a forest”. He looked around as they were all watching his he swallowed then continued, “ When we were in this forest, This lady with orange skin and strange hair started to come up to us very fast, and she was holding this sword of light.”

Jericho just looked at him and laughed, “ Your lies are getting more ridiculous every day, You all know i don't accept failure”. With that he turned away giving a nod to one of the people standing next to him.

As Jericho walked away the sounds of guns went off and the screams of the people he sent to kill Tanner finally died off. Without turning around he said, “ Clean this mess up, Now”. Then kept walking to his office, However secretly wondering if what his men said was the truth, Had Tanner found an ally against him, what was this light they were talking about? No matter he would find out.

- Planet Shili

Tanner watched as Ahsoka got into what is usually his seat and sat down, Then he walked over to the passenger side, Opened the door and sat down too. Tanner looked across at Ahsoka who looked very excited, despite not actually looking excited.

“ Ok, See that key there.” Tanner say as he points to the ignition key, “ I want you to turn to until you can’t turn it anymore, Let the engine start then release the key, Ok”.

“ Ok.” Ahsoka says as she does as instructed, Just then the V8 440 Six Pack engine with its 390 horsepower sprung to life letting Tanner and Ahsoka know the car had started.
“ Ok see this leaver here, Move that up until the selector is in the ‘D’ position. After that the small square pedal on the ground press that in, That is the brake pedal. Once you have the brake pedal pressed down, Press the button on this lever here and push it down” Tanner says as he motions towards the hand brake.

Ahsoka slowly does as instructed and when she pushes the hand brake down she feels the car move slightly as it rests on the foot brake instead of the hand brake.

“ Ok see the vertical pedal next to the brake, that is the accelerator pedal, I want you to release the brake pedal and the car will start to roll forward. I then want you to lightly press the accelerator pedal to give the car power and the speed will increase.” Tanner says to Ahsoka who is looking at him.

With that, Ahsoka follows the instructions and the challenger starts to roll away and a few seconds later starts to pick up speed.

- One Hour Later

Jones who didn’t go with Tanner had been in Ahsoka’s house for about an hour, He was amazed at what she had, He had found datapads and one one of them had something called a holonet. He found her kitchen and some of the food that was there, Jones thought some of it smelled nice, But he didn’t dare try anything. One thing he was curious about which Ahsoka left on a table was a cylinder object that had made the sword of light.

Jones found the button to turn it on, Not stupid enough to have it pointing at him, He pointed it away. Then he pressed the button, A green light shone from the cylinder and as he moved it around it made a buzzing sound.

As Jones was moving it around, The door opened and Ahsoka walked through, She took one look at what he was doing and called her lightsaber to her hand using the force. Once in her hand he attached to to her waist, Then walked out of the door so Tanner could walk in.

“ How did you do that Ahsoka, That was amazing.” Jones said while his hand was still in the air as if it was holding the lightsaber still.

“ It is called The Force, It lets me do things that most normal people wouldn't be able to do.” Ahsoka said as she grinned at Jones, Then continued. “ But you shouldn’t of been playing with my lightsaber it is very dangerous and in inexperienced hands you could of killed yourself.”

“ Jones while teaching Ahsoka how to drive, She seems to think our next move should be going to Coruscant, And to contact her former master, Anakin.” Tanner said to Jones.
“ What about the challenger the old girl, What happens to her?” Jones asks, Looking at Ahsoka and Tanner as he asks.

Just as Tanner is about to answer the question, Ahsoka does, “ The car can stay here, nothing will happen to it, We can store it in the hanger that i keep my ship in.”

After Ahsoka says that, They all leave her house and jump in Tanners challenger, As the challenger gets going, Ahsoka gives him directions on how to get to her ships hanger. After about ten minutes driving they reach the hangar and get out of the car.

“ I would both like you to meet my ship, She is called ‘ New Beginnings’, Hopefully you will both like her. “ Ahsoka says as she walks up to the ship.

Tanner and Jones both look at the ship, It is about ten metres long and about five wide, So although not very big they were both very impressed. They both walk behind Ahsoka up the entry ramp. Tanner notices what he can only assume are guns at the front of the ship.

As they all get seating in the cockpit, Ahsoka says, “ It may not look like much, But she is quite fast and can take a beating”.

And with that she presses a few buttons on the control panel in front of her and the engines ignite. Ahsoka grabs hold of a joystick as the ship leaves the ground and goes up into the sky, All Tanner and Jones can do is stare out the window in disbelief as they were actually flying into space.

Ahsoka snaps them out of their trace by saying, “ The ship will lurch as we enter hyperspace, So hold on guys.” And with that she presses a button and the stars seem to stream past them as they enter hyperspace.
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By bb_42001
Ok guys, Sorry chapter 4 is so late, but i was reading other stories getting ideas, So this chapter has a different writing style, hopefully it is better then the other chapters, the plot doesnt advance much however it explains the "chase" of sorts. It this style turns out to be good, I will edit the other chapters to suit.
Chapter 4:

- Aboard Separatist Ship Malevolence

Dooku was sitting in the command chair on the bridge on the Malevolence, Looking around he could see the bridge was swarming with the ever annoying B1 battle droids, Each one sitting at a console to help fly the ship. At the moment the ship was sitting in dead space waiting for the return of the ‘collection crew’ as Dooku liked to think of them as, In reality they were sent to retrieve Skywalkers old apprentice. After learning of her fate in which she left the jedi order, His master had ordered him to collect the girl and sway her to the dark side to use against Skywalker.

After a few minutes a B1 droid interrupted to musing by alerting him to the fact he had a communication, Wanting a small bit of privacy he had told the droid to send the transmission to the small workroom behind the bridge. It had responded in its ever annoying “Roger, Roger” Just as he left the bridge. Walking down the small corridor to the workroom, Dooku couldn’t help but feel annoyed, He remembered back to when he had Ventress, And how he was molding her ready to kill his master.

Entering the room, The hologram of his master was already up and waiting, So he walked around to face it. “ Master” Dooku said with a small bow, His sort and curt greeting had the slight bit of annoyance in it.

“ Lord Tyranus, Have you captured Skywalkers ex-apprentice yet, I want to start her training as soon as possible” His master said staring at him, His eyes just beneath his hood that he seemed to always wear.

“ Not yet master, We located her on her homeworld of Shili. I sent out a retrieval squad with the new tank, but as of yet i have heard no word from them. We are currently drifting in dead space”. Dooku said, However he had to bite his tongue a bit to stop him from saying what he was thinking. How it would help if his master, The sith lord did something for once.

“ Very well, However i want you to report back to me the moment you hear something. Oh, And also my apprentice, I have a plan that will rid the Jedi order once and for all that i need your help with”. And with that Dooku was alone, After his final word his master had disconnect the comm link leaving him a few moments of peace to just think.

Deep in thought he growled as the door chime rang out, Standing up he moved around the table and unlocked the door, Standing on the other side was another B1 droid however this one looked slightly move nervous.

“ The retrieval team has just dropped out of hyperspace the want to talk to you master” The droid said in his very mechanical sounding voice.

Dooku swore under his breath as he passed the droid, However while passing him said “ Get back to the bridge and do some work” He was slightly relieved that the squad was back, But considering how long it took, He wasn't that hopeful.

“Roger, Roger” The droid said and left for the bridge, Dooku wasn’t far behind.

When he got to the bridge, Dooku sat in the commander's chair and gave a quick glance to the droids then started a comm channel to the approaching ship. A split second after the hologram turned on a tall lanky looking droid appeared. Straight away Dooku new this was a commando droid, They were tall and were great with many weapons, And are great in hand to hand combat. While thinking the Droid in the hologram started to speak.

“ Sorry master we lost them on the planet, We almost had her however there was this light and two men appeared and joined the Jedi. Last we know they went off world” Said the commando droid with a very mechanical and metallic voice.

Rage was the only thing Dooku could feel right now and so he expelled his anger in the form of a very harsh growl. Unfortunately there happened to be a droid walking past him, So using the force he picked up this droid and destroyed him by flying him across the room.

- Aboard New Beginning, In Hyperspace

Ahsoka was sitting in the pilots seat at the helm of her ship, It had been in hyperspace for about three hours. After about an hour her new friends needed sleep so she showed them where the sleeping cots were, This left her all alone with only her thoughts as company, But Ahsoka didn’t mind, In fact since leaving the order, She had been almost always alone.

She knew she would have to talk to Anakin, Her old master at some point, But thinking a random call would be a bad idea she decided to might try calling Obi-Wan Kenobi. Although not knowing where he was, She thought she might get lucky by calling his usual comm while in the temple.

She was getting quite nervous as she inputted the comm code into the computer to begin the transmission, But she was a jedi, And had to keep calm. Once the codes were inputted the holo-projector turned on, but remained plain blue waiting for a response. As the seconds went on and on, at the minute mark Ahsoka was losing hope he would reply, Then all of a sudden Kenobi was staring back at her, his mouth was slightly open in surprise with a look of concern on his face as well. Ahsoka was just as surprised however she was sure her face didn’t look quite so bad.

Obi-Wan was the first to say anything, However it took him about thirty seconds, “ Ahsoka, How are you? Are you ok? You know Anakin has been worried sick about you.” Although Ahsoka hoped he would say more, She knew just by looking, Obi-wan was relieved to see her.

“ I am fine Obi-wan, However i do need your help, Myself and two friends i have picked up are on the run from the Separatists, I am not sure why they are after me, But i can only guess it isn’t good. And to answer your last question, You know Anakin worries too much”. Ahsoka replies with a small grin on her face, Which makes Obi-wan grin a bit in return.

“ Did you want me to patch this transmission through to Anakin, I know he wants to see you Ahsoka? As for the Separatists being after you, I can only guess they see it as their chance to get a leg up on the Jedi, Maybe hoping you would betray us.” Said Obi-wan. But Ahsoka knew by the look on his face he was quite worried about her, And also seemed to her, was hoping she wouldn’t betray them.

“ Don’t put me through to him Obi-wan, I think i need to talk to him face to face, Can you tell me his coordinence? I have a ship, Not the fastest but good enough, And i can meet him wherever he is”. As Ahsoka said that she knew she was giving off a concerned face, However she really did want to see her former master again, She wanted to she her Skyguy.

- Sleeping Cot of New Beginning

Tanner was laying face up staring at the soft white light coming from the light above his head, Jones was asleep he could tell, he was just opposite him with a small walkway in between. He couldn’t help but wonder about everything that was going on, How he, This cop with a vendetta was now aboard a ship flying through space on the other side of the universe. How did this happen? Would he ever get to go home? Would he want to go home? All these questions sprang into his head at once.

He decided he would get up and find the strange alien girl, the one who saved their lives, The one called Ahsoka. He got up out of the sleeping cot and started to walk towards the door, It was closed and he wasn’t sure on how to open it, Until he noticed a small button on the right hand side of the frame. Once Tanner pressed the button the door opened up.

Tanner walked out and slowly up to what he thought was the pilots area, but he wasn’t sure. After a few seconds walking he noticed the now semi familiar Horn type things off the head of someone in the left seat. He decided to stop and just watch what was going on, Ahsoka seemed to be talking to this small transparent blue man.

Watching silently, He watched as Ahsoka was in the middle of saying a sentence, Then stopped and looked straight at him, She frowned for a second then waved him over to her. Doing as she asked Tanner walked over to her, As soon as he got next to her, she said, “ Tanner, This is Obi-wan Kenobi, He was my master’s master, And my friend”. She stopped them seemed like she forgot something she added, “ Oh and i should say this is a holo-projector, A way we communicate to each other”.

“ Hello Tanner, Ahsoka here has told me how she found you, Or rather you found her. I must admit i am not sure i understand what happened all i know is the force works in strange ways, However i will need to meditate on this”. The Obi-wan person said, Then he turns to Ahsoka and says, “ Ahsoka do you mind it i tell Yoda about this?”

“ No i don’t mind Obi-wan, Also thank you for Anakins coordinates and i hope to talk to you soon”, As soon as Ahsoka said that tanner watched at the transparent blue person smiled and the disappeared.

Tanner stood looking at where the blue person was for a minute only to be snapped to reality as Ahsoka said, “ Tanner i was able to get the coordinates for my old master off Obi-wan, So i am going to plot a course to him, When we get there i should imagine you would get along with him, He seems to be as reckless as yourself, Assuming the stories you told me were true”. Tanner notices she smiles at him, after she told the joke, But then turned her head to the buttons in front of her and inputted something, The coordinates to her old master he guessed. Then with a push of a button the stars started to stretch and they were back in hyperspace as Ahsoka called it yet again.
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By bb_42001
So here is chapter 5 guys, This chapter is a bit shorter then the others, so sorry about that. Hope you like it however.
Chapter 5:

- On Board the Resolute

Anakin was on the bridge, It had been a few hours since Obi-wan contacted them and told himself and Master Luminara that they were to expect a small ship to meet them. He was extremely interested as to who this visitor was, But Obi-wan would not say, What was even more surprising was that the mystery visitor would want to meet both of them.

Master Luminara and himself had been aboard the Resolute for about three weeks now, The council had decided due to what had happened to both their padawan’s That they should be assigned together to help each other get over the pain. At first he was quite angry at Luminara however after the first few days he felt like he had bonded with her quite a lot.

Just then he felt Master Luminara approach him while he was looking out the bridge, He knew she was nervous just like him, however she hid it well, Just when he felt she was at his side he decides to speak up. “ Luminara how are you feeling right now? I guess you are a bit nervous like me?”.

Luminara just stares outside the bridge for a moment before saying, “ Why Anakin how you have gotten to know me over these last few weeks, I am doing alright. However i can’t stop from wondering, Who would want to see us both? As for your other question I must admit i am quite nervous but not exactly sure why, Maybe you're rubbing off on me a bit”. With that she turned to Anakin and gave him a small grin then folded her hands into her sleeves.

“ Quite frankly there is one person who comes to mind when i think of someone who wants to see both of us, I just hope that is true” Anakin says while he continues to look out the window. About a minute later one of the clones off to the left speaks up.

“ Hyperspace window forming, We have a ship incoming”, Says the clone.

“ It seems our mystery visitor has arrived Anakin, Maybe we should get down to the hangar bay and greet them”, Luminara mentions after the clone has finished speaking.

Without looking back, Anakin starts to run out the door at the back of the bridge forcing Luminara to chase after him.

- Aboard New Beginning

Jones wakes up from the sleeping cot as Ahsoka called it, First though that goes through his head is ‘where am i?’. After the initial shock he realises that everything that has happened has not been a dream, But it has been real. With that thought he quickly gets up and looks around to find Tanner is gone, Then he notices out the window the blue streaks that Ahsoka had called hyperspace had stopped to. Now all he could see were stars, Then out of the corner of his window, His eyes widen as he sees they are approaching a massive ship. With that he runs out of the room and up to where the controls he saw earlier were.

Ahsoka turns around just as he stops and asks, “ Are you ok Jones, You look like you have seen a ghost”.

“We are coming up to this massive ship.” Jones says as he looks at Ahsoka and sees her giggling a small bit, So he adds, “ Sorry just not something i thought i would ever see”.

“ Don’t worry, The ships name is the Resolute, It is the ship my former master Anakin is on. I wanted to meet him so he may be able to help us, With our separatist problem.” Ahsoka replies, And then turns her head back to the controls and guides the ship into the landing bay of the massive jedi ship.


As Ahsoka steered the ship into the hangar bay of the Resolute, She was getting more and more nervous, It didn't help that as she sat the ship down she caught a glimpse of Anakin and Barriss’s old master walking towards the ship. Once the ship is down she turns to her new and slightly confused friends. “ Ok guys when we go out you will meet my old master and another master, Don’t worry they are nice people, But i will get you guys to go down first, I will be with you in a moment”.

“ Ok, But don’t take too long as we have no idea what we are doing”. Tanner says as he starts to walk back to the rear hatch.

Ahsoka sat in the pilots chair for a few minutes even after Tanner and Jones had gone down the ramp and she guessed talking to the masters, However she just needed some time to compose herself, She was a ash with emotions and Ahsoka hopped with everything she had that Anakin wouldn’t hate her. With that thought she got up and started walking to the rear hatch.

As Ahsoka started walking down the ramp she could hear that Tanner was talking to Anakin about his car it seemed, And that Anakin was extremely interested in it. As she went further down and saw that Luminara was also quite interested however she stopped and looked directly at her. Thats when Anakin spun his head up, And ran full on a her, Not knowing what he was going to do she braced herself, Just as he wrapped his arms around her and gave her the biggest hug.

Ahsoka noticed she was crying a bit and also saw he was as well, Thats when he whispered into her ear and said “ I have missed you so much Snips”.

Through her tears she heard herself say, “ I have missed you too Anakin” Then she put her head to her former masters shoulder and kept crying. After a minute she noticed someone had put their hand on her shoulder, She lifted her head to see it was Luminara.

Tears swelling in Luminara’s eyes as well she asks, “ Ahsoka i am so sorry about everything, I just hope you can forgive me, I never wanted to see harm come to you. The last few weeks with Anakin has made me realise, Sometimes sharing emotions is not a bad thing and that is why I find myself now nervous and hoping that you will find it in your heart to forgive me”.

Ahsoka almost surprised herself with the next set of words out of her mouth, “ Master, I never had any hate towards you, Of course you are forgiven”.

Just then Anakins wrist communicator chirped away, Anakin quickly answered it where he was greeted by the familiar sound of clones voice, “ General Skywalker sir, A separatist ship has just dropped out of hyperspace. Sir its the Malevolence”.

“ I will be there in a minute Captain,Raise the deflector shields, charge all weapons and open fire” Anakin replies and shuts off his wrist communicator, He turns around and starts to head for the hangar door and the bridge when the ship shudders and shakes as it starts to get hit by weapons fire.
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By Olanov
I was writing a DSF fanfic a year back. Quit on it because it just didn't feel quite right. I took the time and read yours - impressive. I admire your patience, imagination and writing skills. I really feel like finishing up mine too after reading those.

Keep up the good work!
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By k9Underdogg
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I love crossovers, and this is great!!! (Y) :wink:

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