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By nato777
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Post a story about you in a situation in New York. Please keep it clean in language UNLESS it makes the sotry more dramatic and entertaining. sorry i hadn't made this a sooner edit. The year is 2006, please do not write in the 1978 era. I'll start us off.

Nato pulls out of Ray's Auto Shop with a 1935 Hot Rod Coupe. He had just installed a Venom NoS kit and wanted to test it out on the Jersy Racetrack. Nato suddenly decided not to, and go piss off the cops. He drove as fast as he could, dodging cars and then, smacked into a light pole. A cop ran over, pointing a shotgun at Nato, Nato pulled out a pistol and shot the cop between the eyes. Nate got into trhe cop car, and drove to madness' house.
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By Sedans
nato told madness what happened, madness was excited, and wanted to come too, as he cocks his glock, he decides to call up sedans,, who brings along some paint cans, jus incase there was going to be a nice tagging spot, they all hopped into tha police car with nato driving, sedans riding shotgun and madness in tha backseat (although i should make it so that madness is in tha front seat because he is tha admisitrator, lol) but anyway, halfway through tha joyride, he see lseven7, who is packing an uzi, he gets in, and now tha cars full, but tha cops come...nato floors it...sedans pulls out an ak47 and starts capping tha cops, madness uses his pistol, and lseven7 uses his uzi, suddenly, nato yells for everyone to jump out tha car, everyone did, jus in time, tha cop car flew into a ravine...everyone starts running like hell, tha cops pull up and chase after lseven7 takes tha uzi, and caps tha rest of tha cops, we decide to get into another cop car...
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By madness
nato777 told madness that you better drive cause I screwed up the last car, madness gets in the car and tell everyone to hurry up and get in. Sedans is the last to hop in the car and a cop comes out of no where and grabs him. Sedans quickly reaches for his pocket and pulls out a spray (paint) can and sprays the cop's face in red. The cop fell to the ground in pain, and Sedans jumps back into the car and madness accelerates faster than he has ever accelerated before.
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By Jorge-Fonseca
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spray paint? lol gta connection ftl


Cops are chasing all aggressive, nato777 begins to shoot and gets a cop wheel, the cop car flies on the air and lands infron of the car where everyone is escaping here they are forced to stop and see Jorge staring at the crazyness.... then...
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By madness
Sedans = Spray Paint, he'll explain, lol... nothing to do with gta...

madness reverses and moves around the upside down cop car and slowly accelerates, madness drives stright up to Jorge and says to nato777 "hey, we could use him as a hostage, grab him!". nato777 and Sedans grabs Jorge and drive off...
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By Sedans
LMAO!!!! Spray Paint = Sedans = Me = Graffiti artist. Madness that was hilarious!!

gee jorge tha avatar of graffiti, my homepage, my location is not enough to explain? :roll: lol

anyways... sedans and nato have a hard timekeeping jorge to stay still while madness is pushing tha cop car at around 110 MPH, jorge punches nato, and nato punches back; lseven7 is still keeping tha cops busy by capping all tha cops chasing us; feeling weary, jorge gives up, sedans gets tha AK and helps lseven7 cap all tha cops, sedans signals to lseven7 to stop shooting, then tells madness to slow down, then sedans signals to tha police that they have a hostage, holding a glock to jorges head, tha police back off sedans throws jorge back in his seat.

lseven7 calls Alberto, who listens and gets excited, steals someones car, and joins tha pursuit, in aid of tha 5 in tha car, alberto uses tha stolen car to wipe out tha undercover police cars, which jus appeared, Now with police secretly tailing in black crown victorias, thinking that we're stupid and we dont realize we're being followed. sedans and lseven7 open fire on tha cops, but this time they fire back..."OH S**T" says Sedans... "They're shooting at us, theyre not supposed to shoot at us, we're supposed to shoot at them!" says lseven7... madness hops onto tha freeway...oan open drawbridge, and a police car with 5 people inside:madness,lseven7,sedans,nato,and jorge...

"will we make it??!!" said nato.. "i dunno... this one looks hard" sayd madness. madness floors it, tha cars going 133 MPH... tha car flys in mid-air, jorge panics and trys to jump out...too slow...sedans and nato catch him and pin him down, jorge fights, breaking free, smahing tha window, kicking tha door open, and getting ready to jump...but right when he is getting ready to jump tha car lands and he decides not to jump nato gets frustrated and elbows jorge in tha chest, knocking him out, sedans shuts tha open car door, and laughs as desperate and hopeless cop cars fly into tha river below, some even falling onto tha deck of a container ship...now there is no more police cars following...

madness floors it at tha cars top speed --150MPH, tha cars going fast, but there's a problem, red flashing lights-a closing gate-and a furious horn--a freight train... a construction worker sees tha car we're in and jumps out tha way for his life--dropping a large piece of metal on a oil drum, forming a ramp... madness says "lets go for it" Sedans says "oh hell naw" he does it anyway, tha ramp wasnt high enough--- to jump overbut an open boxcar saves tha five lives in tha vehicle, tha police car flys through, but after all tha abuse tha car has taken, tha axle and suspension onn tha car snap, causing tha car to skid outta control for 1000 ft.

tha 5 quickly getting out, sedans grabs tha AK47, and takes his glock, sedans puts his glock in his pants tha AK over his shoulder, and takes jorge by his collar, madness hops out and searches for another car, lseven7 looks for hints of tha police coming. nato takes sedans' AK47 and gets tha rest of tha weapons out of tha car.

madness hollers for tha rest to come,he found a car: a black crown vic, but its locked,so madness smashes tha window out, and takes $24 out of tha car, he also takes a pair of handcuffs,a box of doughnuts,a 9mm pistol and a small crate of bullets, so we spot another car, a cable van, we hop in... madness driving, lseven7 riding shotgun, and sedans and nato in tha back portion, nato handcuffs jorge, and madness tosses me[sedans] tha 9mm pistol.

madness hits thya gas and tha sound of sirens unfortunatley comes back into tha picture, an ambulance, thankfully, not tha police, we then make a plan, we are going to flee to jersy for a little while, and wait untill things cool down, nato gets hungry, and madness gives nato tha doughnuts he took from tha black police car, but since tha box was nearly empty, there was only enough for tha 4 of us, (of course we didnt give jorge any--he's tha hostage, lol) madness drive through of buger king, we see a cop, but thankfully, he doesnt know about this crazy situation----yet.

we order tha food and drive off...we park in a lot and get tha food and eat, sedans hops out and starts to write on tha wall, after he finnished doing graffiti, he smashes a car window and takes tha insurance, $73.94, and tha stereo out tha car, he splits tha money between tha four, installs tha sound system into tha van and sells tha insurance papers to someone with an identicle car to tha one he broke into, but when tha owner refuses to pay tha full price, sedans gives 25% off, but when tha owner leaves, sedans takes tha cars tire caps and lets tha air out of all tha tires, tha owner didnt want to pay full price, but in tha long run he paid more than full price, sedans hops back into tha van and we drive off again.

madness speeds through a red light, but a cop sees and turns on his siren, when he radios in to tell that he was going to pull over someone, other cops tell that that van had 4 criminals in it, and that they need to be stopped, it didnt last long, before tha cop could even radio in for backup, lseven7 had already capped him, as we sped back onto tha freeway, jorge is getting p***** off that hes involved in this whole thing and fights to break loose, but, since he was in hand cuffs, he wouldnt be able to get out anyway.nato throws him into tha back corner, while sedans is digging through tha cable van, since there were alot of drawers and gadgets, madness was concentrating on tha road, nato was taunting tha police on a cell phone, and lseven7 was re-loading his uzi...

its getting to dusk and tha bright sun practically blinds madness, while sedans is teaching nato how to do graffiti. finally, its night time, and it was warm, even though its usually never warm here, so sedans takes off his hoodie and he walks into a pawn shop, with tha stolen car stereo, and comes out with a silver figaro link chain, sedans gives madness, nato, and lseven7 some money, and madness comes out with a driver game, nato with a PS2 and lseven7 comes out withmore bullets for his uzi, we leave again, check into a motel to sleep, with seperate rooms, nato tosses handcuffed-jorge into another room, and nato keeps tha key, so our hostage can go free...morning,everyones refreshed, except jorge who complais he had a hard time getting to sleep with tha handcuffs, everyone hops into tha van, madness voulenteering to drive again...

[yes, i know my post is long, so to mae it less confusing later i might add paragraphs,so it is easier to read]
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By madness
madness get's behind the wheel and everyone else gets in. Jorge complains once again, so sedans knocks him out with a can of spray paint. Sedans looks at the spray paint and says, "what would I do without you".

madness slowly drives off ready for another day, another adventure around the streets of New York City.

It was a public holiday, traffic was think and many cops took the day off. Today was the day where we could do just about anything we want, and take it off easy. from New Jersey to the Queens from the Bronx down to the Battery this was our patch, our turf, our backyard and most importantly our playground. This was the one city where we had loads of fun, and we all where that skilled from getting away from the cops they could never get there filthy donut icing all over our shirts.

We decided to drive down to the local shopping centre only finding out that after purchasing a driver game, a ps2 and some bullets for lseven7 we where just about flat broke. So anyways we left lseven7 being with Jorge the hostage and we all walk up to the shopping centre only to find out it was closed. Sedans pulls out his trusty spray can and smatches the window open and opens the door. madness and nato take a look around while sedans pulls out his spray can to tag all over the shopping centres walls, while madness and nato look around for some stylish clothing... they wanted to look professional for there first years as gangsters so they look around for some nice suits. While madness and nato look for suits Sedans runs out of Spray Paint so he had to break into the hardware store to grab a few cans. As sedans broke through the window the alarms sounded, sedans was like ohhh! sh*t sedans grabs a few paint cans and runs out of the hardware store. Sedans runs out of the shopping centre yelling out to madness and nato, "get out, get out the cops are coming". madness grabs lots of clothing while nato takes all the greens out of the cash register.

Minurtes later madness and nato runs out. Sedans is waiting very patiently with lseven7 at the car and not to forget Jorge is starting to get real restless. Police alarms start sounding from the distance. Madness and nato run as fast as they can towards the car, nato hops into the front passengers side and madness hopes once again behind the wheel.

The cops start coming from all different directions, madness accelerates as fast as he ever could out of the car park. Cops start coming in the packs, nato looks all over the road and says there isn't anyway out the fu*king cops have blocked off all the entrances and exits what do we do now. madness pulls of a 180 and heads back into the direction of the shopping centre and starts mapping out the landscape around the shopping centre quickly thinking for exits, madness couldn't think of anyway out until sedans says, look there is a ramp. Madness quickly looks into the direction sedans pointed out and heads into that direction. Everyone in the car was starting to freak out wondering if madness would be able to complete this jump.

Everything was starting to get intense, lseven7 thought it would be a smart idea to pull out his uzi and start popin some caps into cops tires once again. He pops out 1 front tyre on the front of 2 cops car. The 2 cop cars slow down dramatically and the cops behind crash straight up into the cops ahead who each had lost one of there tyres.

Madness leads upto the jump with only seconds to go, madness says, "grab on" everyone grabs onto everything they possibly can. And the van hit the ramp and gets airbourne, now there was only one thing everyone had to worry about and that was the fense ahead of them.

Time started slowing down and everyones heart was pumping the van was that close to hitting the brick fence brick fence that the tyres hit the brick fense bringing the back of the van up higher in the sky leaving the front of the van aiming down at the ground. Obviously that fense had a reason to be there and it did, there was quite a big leap down.

The cops whos tyres where poped jumped out of their car and then they all herd a big bang, a explosion. They cops had a hard day that day so they decided to take the rest of the day off. They couldn't be bothered writing out reports on what just happened, the death of another 4 people just takes to long so the cops just left the scene and enjoyed the rest of the public holiday at home.

Tape Reverses...

Time Slows down for everyone in the getaway van as it just makes it over the fense falling into a big ditch. The van slowly takes it's time in mid-air slowly spinning over itself... everyone heart is pumping twice as hard as it was before as we prepare for the big leap... The van continues to drop and lands on it's front tyres, the front tyres burst as the back tyres cause the back of the van to slight bounce up and down, casuing a really load bang, almost as loud as an explosion.

10minurtes later madness slowly wakes up with a terrible headach, he looks behing him and shakes nato and asks if his allright, sedans from the back seat, sedans opens his eyes and screams out "YEAH, let's do that again, waking everyone else out... everyone slowly climbed out of the car looking at the wreakage.

Jorge is still out but is starting to wake up with the biggest headach you could ever imagine... Jorge was that load, that sedans gagged him with a sock that madness picked up from the local shopping center, and stared at Jorge, looking at the fear in Jorge's eyes he brought his attention to the sock and thought they looked to nice to waste in Jorge's mouth so he grabbed it out, took his smelly socks off and stuffed them in Jorge's mouth to put the new socks on which felt quite comftable. nato giggled and we all worked away scratching our heads wondering what we should go and do next...
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By Sedans
ROFLMFAO!!!! ok, ill think of some story to go along...hold up

Sedans put his sneaks over his very confortable yet slightly wet socks, madness sets out a bit further with nato to find another car while sedans and lseven7 get tha supplies outta tha totalled van. sedans is laughing at jorge while lseven7 gets tha last thing of bullets and stacks it up, sedans comes up to a curb dragging jorge by tha collar; while lseven7 is two steps behind with a small crate, sedans' 9mm pistol, tha AK47 and some other stuff, when madness and nato pulls up in a U-HAUL...

Sedans loads tha moving van up, and lseven7 drags jorge and trows him towrds tha back, madness starts to pull off, and sedans hops in[tha back,with jorge and leseven7], sedans shut tha 2 doors on tha back of tha van, while lighting a lantern, so we wouldnt be blind, madness hears something, madness yells "what tha hell is going on back there??!!"...

sedans yells ''hes trying to escape!!!'' , sedans pulls out his glock and blindingly fires three shots--missed, but now there is light from tha holes in tha back of tha van,sedans yelss to madness ''its aight a little gunfire but everybodys aight'', seeing tha fear in jorges eyes, sedsns tucks tha gun right back in tha front of hhis pants, lseven7 tackles jorge, pins him down, and knocks him out cold by hitting him upside tha head with a clip for an uzi. all of a sudden, ths vsn accelerates, since us three in tha back are confined in tha little back portion, sedans or lseven7 has to yell to communicate with madness and/or nato, sedans yells ''whats going on??!!'' nato calls out that tha police are following, after about 10 minutes, we hear madness yell ''gget out!!! NOW!!!'' sedans kicks tha back door open--tha van is falling, being dragged by lseven7, we all jump out at tha same time...

everybodys ok, but someone has to take jorge, since hes still unconsious, madness bravely voulenteers to drag him along, as we aall swim to a dock beside downtown, we go up tha stairs,and decide to run quickly into a store to get some clean clothes, but there is a problem, we have no money-no bullets- no nothing, only thing that was saved was my glock, thats only because it was in my pants., sedans held up tha store throwin tha clerk in tha safe, after taking tha money--of course, sedans with a t-shirt, shorts and a hoody, nato and madness with some leisure suits, and lseven7 with some pimp clothes[lol]. we all walk out tha store, dragging jorge, leaving him in still wet clothes, we car jack some poor old guy, taking his newly accuired FedEx truck we hop in we head to tha gun shop, we pick out some 9mm's a sawnoff shotgun, 3 4 uzis and 100 boxes of bullets, tha lady tells sedans to fill out a waiting period, sedans hold his glock to her neck and she decides to skip tha waiting period we all skip out getting in tha Fedex van, madness drives, sedans riding shotgun and nato and lseven7 riding in tha back and jorge still handcuffed, sock-mouthed and wet...
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By madness
It was starting to get dark, madness once again hop's in the FedEx van and tells everyone else to get in. Sedans in the front with madness and everyone else hops in the back.

madness takes an opportunity to talk to sedans about having Jorge hostage, we where discussing the benefits of having him hostage and what we could do to seek as much cash out of his family as we could. The first thing we had on our minds about who he was, where did he come from and why was he staring at us like we where the craziest people on the planet.

After 1 hour of discussion we decided to investigate. So we drove up to the Bronx and tried to find a low profile place where they could make a bit of noise and no one would call the police. So they went over to the race track near rays auto's it was pretty much dead over there so they decided to drive back there.

madness and sedans hoped out, when to the back of the FedEx van and they both pulled Jorge out. madness yelled at him "what's your full name?", Jorge just sits there staring at the craziness once again, then sedans yells out, "what's ur fuc*ing last name". Still no answer from Jorge so sedans kicks Jorge in the guts and asks once again. lseven7 hop's out of the car and puts his hand in Jorge's pocket, and pulls out a wallet. nato hops out for a stretch and watches. lseven7 opens up the wallet and found some ID.

It said;
16 Years Old
and on the back it said
If found return to:
15 Central Park Road
New York City

PH: 168-199-628
We all got back in the car, same as before madness and sedans in the front and everyone else in the back. This time around we decided to consult the closest pay-phone to check out the number and to see who it belonged to. Sedans spots one on the side of the road and madness and sedans hop out, leaving everyone else in the van.

madness reads out the phone number while sedans types it in and gets ready to make the call. The phone only rings once and someone quickly picked up the phone and said "Jorge" is that you. Instantly we knew it was someone on Jorge’s family, so Sedans asked with his hoody over his mouth, "no may I ask who is speaking". Everything goes silent for a second. Madness quickly pulls the phone out of Sedans hand and hangs up. Sedans says why did you do that. Madness says "you don't want the cops tracking us do you". Sedans says no and we hop back in the FedEx van and drive off to the local hotel as it's already 10PM at night and everyone was starting to get a little tired.

Half an hour later we arrive at the hotel, sedans and madness hops out and tells everyone else in the back that it's safe to get out. We all go to the counter and ask for a room for each of us, we all choose a special vip premium room. The lady at the counter looks at Jorge and say who's that. Madness steps in and says that my son "Jorge" we where playing tie em up and I tied him up and gagged him and madness said part of the deal was that we had to stay gagged up and tied for the remaining 2 days. The lady looked a Jorge and looked away, Jorge was trying to form a expression on his face but he couldn't as the sock was rapped to tightly around his mouth.

Anyways... we all just about split-up and go into our separate Hotel Rooms and madness yells out wait-up what are we gonna do with Jorge. Madness says where going to have to flip a coin to see who is going to put up with him all night. So madness and sedans say Heads and lseven7 and nato says Tails. madness flips the coin and it was Tails remaining lseven7 and nato to either choose head or tails, nato agreed to say Heads and lseven7 agreered to say Tails. madness once again flips the coin and it was head. Then we all walked away leaving nato with Jorge.

Nato walked up into his room and shoved Jorge into the bathroom, and took a rest on the bed. Meanwhile madness, sedans and lseven7 decided to have a meal before they went to bed they all sat down to order their meal. madness ordered "Pasta" while sedans ordered "Pizza" and lseven7 ordered some kinda "Pizza" to. While we where all waiting for our orders to be processed, sedans decided to take a look around the room and spotted this hot girl.

This hot girl was on a table all alone so sedans decided to sit right next to her and talked to her about a lot of things....
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By Sedans

ok ok

Sedans soon decides to get her phone number, after he hets her digets, he comes and finishes his pizza,, after hes done, he says ''aight guys, ill catch yall lata'' he takes tha girl into his suite, and no one sees sedans or tha girl until tha morning... :twisted:

at around 6 o'clock lseven7 catches tha girl leaving tha room, he quicly ducks into a little vending area, as he watches tha girl pass by, he runs and confronts sedans...''hey sedans'' he says '' what happened'' sounding dazed, sedans replied'' ha haaa, look man ill aint never gonna forget that..., look bro, shes got TWINS!!!!'' with lseven7 looking weary, sedans continued...'' no nnot like that, i mean identical sisters, 3 of em!!!! i got thier phon numbers, ill give one to you, nato , and madness, oh by tha way, her names tina...'' sedans went back into his room, and so did lseven7.

in tha morning, sedans was tha first out, he went down to tha cafe, eating a bowl of frosted flakes, he sees madness, who gets himself a bowl. he comes and sits across from sedans.'' so whats up'' madness says ''oh not much... oh hold up...'' madness waits as sedans digs through his pockets, ''here'' madness ''says what is this?'' sedans says'' its tina's twins phon number'' ''whos tina'' ''who you think, that girl picked up yesterday...'' oh yea... oh holy sh**, its her TWINs number!!??'' ''yea'', sedans said, grinning '' how'd it go last night?'' madness said ''oh man it went great!!'' ''but ill give ya details lata,lets go get nato and lseven7, c'mon'' '' ok, madness said'' madness and sedans take tha elevator up to tha 4th floor, getting nato and lseven7...

when we get there, we see nato,jorge and lseven already up and in tha hall way,, they walk down to tha van, with madness driving and sedans ridin shotgun, tha others hop in tha back. sedans says'' yall know we're pretty luck that noone saw these weapons in tha back and called tha five-o'' ''yea'' said nato, tha van drives off, we go to to a store, sedans comes out with 4 rred bandannas, he hops back in tha van, throwing one to everbody except jorge, we decided to make some BiG money. ''we're going to jorges house'' said madness, ''are you f*cking crazy? hell no!!'' said nato ''fall back man, its a good idea, we need tha money anyway'' said sedans...

at around noon, we arrive at tha house, '' jus let me do all tha talking,aight?'' madness points out that hes a good negoiater, so i let him talk too [lol] anyways, we go to tha front steps, knocking on tha door, as soon as sedans hears tha door unlocking, he kicks it open, taking a 9mm and pointing it at jorges dad, jorge soon attempts to takle me, but nato and lseven stop him, we go insid, shutting tha door behind us...

We went inside, using my pistol, i hit jorge across tha head, he falls to tha ground, his parents horrified, sister scared s*itless, sedans drags him back up, holding tha pistol to his head, still unable to speak, with dirty socks in his mouth, i pass him over to nato, who holds his own gun to jorges head, while sedans helps himself to thier fridge, madess begins to speak, since our faces were covered by bandannas, our identidies were concealed. all of us with gun in hands, we made sure that noone could run to tha phone and dial 911. ''we want $100,000 or your son gets it'' madness said,with nato pushing tha gun further to jorges head,tha man gives up every credit/debit cards, and then takes all of tha hidden cash (which comes up to about$100,000) and gives it to sedans, who puts it in tha truck, he comes back inside, requesting also a laptop computer, they said they didnt have one, but when they saw thier son, and then saw tha twisted evil in tha 4 crooks' eyes, they tell sedans where to find it, sedans gets tha truck started, lseven7 comes along, but nato pulss something out his pocket, and throws it, it creates a large cloud and noone can see anything, nato and madness run out, but dragging jorge, madness hops in tha drivers seat, sedans again in tha passanger seat, everyone else in tha back, tha truck pulls off...

while driving off, lseven7 begins to speak. "wait, isnt tha purpose of having a hostage is for monry, then we let them go?'' ''yea but me and madness thought that itd still be nice to go with a hostage'' said nato ''aight'' said sedans, ''anyone want to grab a bite to eat'' ''sure'' said everyone @ tha same time, we parked a t a drive thru, and we ate, but it was finally time to give jorge something to eat, he hadnt eaten in days, we didnt want our hostage to die of hunger., everyone decided that we sholud head to another state, somewhere nice and tropical, we decided to head to either miami,orlando, or key west. we would flip a coin on tha way there, but we had time, it was going to be a long trrip...
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By madness
so we fliped the coin and Miami it was. So we decided to head up their stright away. We knew it was going to be about a 500 hour drive so we got our selves ready for the adventure of a lifetime.

Hours and hours passed by and we where getting closer to the boarder line. At the time they where making sure the drug problem dosen't get out of New York and us all in the car never thought about that, however we never had any drugs on hand. Anyways We could see the boarder line coming up, there where officers everywhere and it looks like the entire army of america had been working togeather to stop New Yorks drug problem from getting outside of New York.

Madness, slowed down... there was about 500 more metres until the boarder line, he said "there no way where getting past there with noisey jorge and all the weapons and all the dough we have with us, there sure not to let us threw. I left everyone some time to think about what we really should do. Instantly Sedans rememberd the TWINs and said "we better go back, can't leave the TWINs on their own or they'll find somebody else.

While we are at it we could get some more money out of jorges family some how and we can all hookup with the TWINs and Tina. However we gotta watch out for the cops, there all busy stoping the drugs getting out of this currpt city but there are still a few cops strolling the city in their cop cars. But still we can have alot of fun, you know getting away from the cops is real fun as long as they don't hurt any of us, which I think there pretty incapeable of doing that, because the all eat to many donuts and don't spend enough time chasing us, Just sitting at their desks filing reports and watching CCD cameras, they can never be bothered chasing us. So we need to fix it, we need more fun out of these slack cops and there is only one way we can do this. Everyone in the van looks at madness including Jorge as madness says the following "we are gonna piss this city off that much, that commercial affairs and the public is gonna come down on the slack cops and the stupid mayor and replace all the cops with real gangbangers which are goona take us out". everyone looks at madness like his crazy and then madness says "If we wanna have real fun with the cops they gonna be skilled so we can better there skill and take over New York City". Everyone looks at madness and agrees. Except Jorge as he has no idea what his gettin out of it.

So everyone goes back to new york's central park looking for some more trouble.
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By Jorge-Fonseca
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PS: but in the meanwhile Jorge is plotting a plan to take over (stay tuned)
By nato777
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Well, I want to get this story kicking agaqin, seemed to have died out.

Nato tapped madness on the shoulder. "There is no way we are getting out of here." Nato points to a large group of people with 'No DRUGS!!!!' signs,"You see all the sh*t that's going on?!?! They'll get us if they see the smallest spot of salt in this car! We gotta bail our guns. Now."

"Hellllll no. I'm not leaving my gun until I find if we are leaving new york." Sedans said grinning.

"I'm not sh*tting you." Nato said with an evil flame in his eye, thinking back upon every torturous moment of his past.

"Just do what he says, you know what, forget it! We are staying in New York until the earth burns down to flames." Madness said, popping the clutch and spinning out the tires and ruslting into a 180.

"Hell yeah!" Sedans said sticking his gun in his pocket.

"Guys, we need to go to that old strip club called the Funky Rabbit. I need to find a man that goes by the name of Sion Verycalli. He's a mafia druglord on the loose. I'm going to get wha he deserves for what he had done to my girl. I'm going to give it straight back, but twice as hard." Nato said with an evil twitch in his eye.

"Oh hell no, this is gonna get rough here." Sedans said cocking his gun back.

The group arrived at the funky rabbit, and Nato walked in pulling out a knife from his leather jacket. "Hey mother f**ker! Where are ya so I can rip out your inards!" Nato's voice boomed through the funky rabbit.

Nato spotted the man and and Nto ran toward his full force, than jabbed him in the leg with the knife. Nato pulled out a dagger and shoved it into the man's other leg. Nato pulled out the longest knife he had, and shoved it into the guy's stomache, pinning him to the wall and in excrusiating pain and agony. "You want to rape my girl and torture her to death huh? Well let's see how you like being in hell you f***ing bastard!" Nato yelled as he ripped the knife that was in Sion's stomache and shoved a gun barrell in.

"Ughle brock..." Sion tried to speak but was in too much agony.

"That's it... Absorb the pain while i slit your f***ing throat!" Nato yelled as he rubbed the long knife on Sions throat. Son with one switch of the blade, Sion was gone from life...

Nato walks out, seeing the group in the car waiting for him. Jorge jumps out of the car and starts to run. Nato pulls out a dagger, and sticks jorge in the shoulder blade, rulting in a nasty fall and no more right arm. "Listen f**ker you're not running from me!" Nato yelled still pissed off.

"I'm gonna kill you! I'm gonna kill you f**ker!" Jorge yelled.

"Could you say that a little louder to my dagger?" Nato asked as he dragged the dagger across the back of jorge's throat.

"Forget it! I'm gonna f***ing die anyways. Please just, please, kill me now!" Jorge cried frantiacally.

"Oh no, We still need you." Nato said, starting to pound on Jorge. Nato started to have blood spurt all over his face, and as soon as madness ran over to Nato and Jorge, Jorge's face look like a bloody pulp.

"Run from me will ya?" Nato said pissed off and looking at Jorge wildly.

"Nato, cool down. I don't know what the hell you are thinking right now. Get into the car, I'll take care of the problems with this f**ker." Madness said trying not to hurt Jorge as he wiped of Jorge's face.
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By Sedans
"aight dipshit" sedans said throwing jorge to tha ground, madness pushes sedans away "cant you see this mofos gonna die soon, why mak it so damn rough?!" sedans replied with "cuz i feel lik it" madness got pissed "all yall take ur b*t*h asses back to tha car and ima tie him up better" sedans impatiently pulled himself into tha truck....

"Im sick of this sh*t, we need to get to get every last penny from his fammily and then kill him" sedans said holding his glock to tha window lseven7 watches tha mayhem, madness throws jorge back in tha truck "were goin to pick up tina!" madness said "alright!" sedans said everyone got back into tha truck, after pickig up tha 4 females, he headed back to jorges house...
By nato777
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Nato was the first to get out of the truck. "Rah f**k man! I'm getting tired of this sh*t. We need a damn plan to get some big cash. Rumor says at the Funky Rabbit, that Jorge has a secret stash of One Hundred Million dollars in the National SSC Bank. If we can get that f**ker to get us the money, we can just put him out." Nate said whispering to sedans as they were walking.

"I like yore thinkin' right now Nato." Sedans said patting his wallet.

"Well right now ladies and gentleman, we are going to plan some sh*t out for us. Something isn't right in New York and we need to take over this dump. Anybody know of anyone who can fix a car easily?" Madness asked.

"I know some old crackhead named Ray who owns an Auto shop. He can fix anything with a welding torch and a hammer." Nato said, staring at Jorge's every movement angrily.

"Good. We can find a junkyard vehicle and..." Sedans looked over at Nato, Nato was no longer looking at the area Jorge was in, but was looking at the window.

Jorge was standing rightr infront of the window, no longer tied up and held a Glock right to Tina's head. "Listen f**ker, make the wrong move you're dead and I'm raping Tina." Jorge said pointing the Glock at Nato.

Jorge pulled the trigger. Nato fell to the ground. "Who's next?" Jorge demanded waving the gun around.

Madness ran toward Jorge, and pushed Tina and Jorge through the window, falling out of the skyscraper. All of the people rushed to the window except Nato to see Madness, laying on the ground still alive only with a fractured Arm. The other two were dead.

No one noticed, but Nato pushed himself back up, and walked over to the window. "Hey Madness nice jump!" Nato yelled hoarsely and everyone looked over at him.

"Haha! Well atleast we're still alive eh?" Madness replied.
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By Sedans
"FFFFFUUUUUCCCCCKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!" screamed sedans with growing rage, he was tha first to get down sedans looked at tina, turned around to see jorges dead body; sedans without even thinking took out his glock and emptied tha clip on jorges life-less body, took another clip, put it in tha gun, and threw tha empy clip at jorge, sedans ran to tina "tha bitches' dead...Goddammit" lseven7 ran to sedans, while nato tended to msdness as well himself too "look man, its aight--" said lseven7 talking too sedans "she got twins man," sedans replied with "noone can replace her, she--" sedans stopped as he observed a pretty young lady walking by, "holy sh*t" sedans mutterd as his jaw dropped 5 ft; she winked at sedans, sedans forgot about tina just as fast as he got pissed off about it "ill be right back" sedans said chasing after tha girl, tha rest stayed there "hey! Hey! Hey wait up girl!" tha group heard sedans' voice fading in tha distance...

sedans came back with a phone number and a bite from a dog, as he called everyone and told the to meet him at a fast food joint for dinner, "what tha hell happened too you?" madness said looking at tha dog bite on sedans' leg on his ankle "overprotctive older brother" replied sedans said as he limped into a seat next to lseven7 across from madness and nato, "so how you guys doin?" said sedans "ok" said Nato "agh, my arm hurts, we went to tha hospital they said i gotta wear a cast, so that means i cant drive" said madness "oh i will!" said sedans exitedly "oh hell no" said lseven7, ruining sedans' exitement lseven7 continuedn "if there is a freigt train passing, and your driving running from tha cops, your crazy ass would probally try to go through one of tha open- moving boxcars...." "whateva"sedans said sadly, sedans continud- "i need to get some more rounds and another clip fo my glock, oohh my leg hurts, atleast i got tha phone number..." ''ok, we'll go to tha gunshop after we eat" said madness
By nato777
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The group ate, and Nato got into the driver side. "Ahh hell no man, this is gonna be bad" lseven7 complained.

"Shut the f**k up man. I'm going to drive and if you're going to complain I'm gonna key haul you." Nato said starting up the truck.

"Nato, how's the bullet hole holding up?" Madness asked laughing.

"It's hard to breathe, I think he shot me and grazed my lung. I should be okay, if not, I'm going to be dead within a few days." Nato said grimly.

"AHH sh*t!" Sedans cried.

"What?!?" The group said at the same time.

"We forgot his god damn social security card!" Sedans yelled in frustration.

"Dammit you're right. I forgot all about his bank account!" Nato said.

"Nothing we can do now, cops are all over that body now. They're probably looking at that bloodstain you left too Nato." Madness said.

Nato started up the car, and they headed toward the gunshop to buy some new guns. They looked around for GLOCK brand clips. They were no where to be found.

"Excuse me sir but uh... You sell GLOCK-17 clips?" Nato asked.

"We no sell britich goons." The arab said.

"I think you mean British and guns." Nato said pointing out the arab's accent.

"We'll have to settle for some Python .44's!" Sedans said.

The group bought the guns and got back into the car. "We need a better vehicle, something faster." Nato said, driving toward Ray's Shop. He pulled in, and pulled out with a tuned up 1965 Ford Mustang BOSS Fastback. "HOLY sh*t!" Sedans cried. Sedans had almost fainted at the beauty of the car.

"This used to be my dad's, now it's mine." Nato said, as the group got in.

Nato squealed the tires and took off to Madness' apartment.
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By Sedans
"aight nato, careful dont wreck this car" sedans said
"whateva man i know what im doin" replied nato
tha car pulled off, suddenly, sedans had an idea...
"hey, hey dawg hey, we gotta go to jorges house" said sedans, seeming too concentrate on somethin else
"why?" asked tha rest
"cuz, i bet his b*t*h ass family members got money, alota money, we cold steal every last cent, and then waste them all"said sedans
"harsh, but it might jus work" said nato
"aight, but i gotta get some new clothes; i been wearin tha same hoody, t shirt, shorts and sneakers for a week..."
"maybe if you didnt wear your shorts off your ass and down to your knees it wouldnt be as bad" said lseven7 sarcastically. madness and nato laughed, sedans contiued, ignoring lseven7's comment
"lets jus get some clothes, and ride doen too his house, aight?"
"alright" replied everyone else. tha truck stopped outside tha mall, nato threw sedans a roll of benjamins ($100s)
"heh, thanks, ill try to get yall something nice" snickered sedans

He came out wearing a t shirt,sneakers, a Sean John hoody, and some shorts. lseven7 rolled his eyes when he saw tha shorts to sedans' ankles
he got into tha truck, throwing everyone a bag and rolling up his sleeve to realveal a gold Rolex
"holy sh*t! with all you spent on that watch how did you get us anything? what'd u get us? a sandwhich?" asked lseven7
"heh, this watch i got jumping some preppy kid so jus shut up and open tha bag" replied sedans

everyone opened thier bags; a bunch of revolvers,and some silver wactches to kill jorges family in style, something that get tha job done,"yea, uhh, dont let me be a dumbass and throw my last clip at someone" sedans said while cocking back his glock "time to visit jorges house" said nato

tha truck pulled up at jorges hous, "alright heres tha plan" sedans said, we gonna go up 2 tha door and all of you hide, ill knock on tha door, and when they answer, we'll barge in"
"aight" everyone said
we got out tha truck, sedans knocked on tha door while still tying a bandanna over his face, while tha rest hid
"noone home" said sedans, discouraged
"wait" said nato suspiciously,he continued " thier cars here, they are in this hous, but they remember us, they are hiding"
"damn" said madness
"ok," (Nato speaking to sedans) "you and lseven7 cover this side, me and madness will cover that side"
after about five minutes, nato and madness heard tha singnal--indicating that they [jorges family] have been found
lseven7 took a metal pipe, and crushed tha window
they all went inside
"what do you want from us?!" said jorges terrified older sister, jorges mom, clearly knew that something was wrong
"OMG, you all KILLED jorge!!?? DIDNT YOU!!??" said his mom
"he killed my girlfriend" said sedans calmly thinking about tha new girl he met
"yea well we want money: every last cent, now you have two options..." said madness

"...your two options are: dont give us anything and die or give us everything and still die" tha dad went over to a safe opened it madness almost passed out at tha site: dollars, millions of dollars
"what tha hell do you people do for a living!?? rob banks?!" asked sedans in shock...

sorry i had to rush i gotta go somewhere in 7 mins. lata
By nato777
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"No, I've been investing in.." Jorge's Dad fell to the ground from Nato's gun.

"Ok, show me your tv." Nato said pointing the gun at Jorge's Mom.

They walked down to the basement and a 112" Plasma was sitting there. "HOLY sh*t!" Sedans exclaimed.

"Well they know how to live." Nato whispered to Sedans.

"No sh*t..." Sedans whispered back.

"Let's go get the cash, kill the Mom and Sister, and run up to my house to sit this stuff in some place that's safe." Nato said shooting the Mom.

Sedans and Nato ran up the basement steps and back into the room where the cash was. Sedans shot Jorge's sister right between the eyes. The group grabbed every last cent and put it into a bag. Suddenly, Sedans and Nato caught a glimpse of lseven7 trying to get some cash for all himself. "Hey f**ker!" Sedans yelled and chased after lseven7 as he ran out the door. Nato followed Sedans and Madness stayed to get the cash.

Nato pulled out a knife and stuck lseven7 in the leg. "Why shalt thou betray thy?" Nato said putting a gun to lseven7's head.

"I want the cash! It's all mine! MIIIINNNNEEEE!" lseven7 screamed.

"Time to go night- night." Sedans said then blood spurted all over Nato's and Sedans' face.

"Why the hell did he betray us?" Nato asked getting into his car with madness and Sedans.

The group drove to Nato's house, and chilled for a while...
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By Sedans
"this shits gettin weird--complicated, said sedans
"i know" said nato and madness at tha same time
"i mean, he was our homie, our homeboy our friend, i trusted him enough to tell him my social security number" said sedans
"what should we do"asked madness
"findsomeone else to ride with?" requested nato
"i dunno, i wouldnt feel right doing one thing wrong and then being shot killed and then replaced." said sedans
"Why? u thinkin about betraying madness and i!?" asked nato seriously
"no hell no, us four together were unstoppable, there aint no way we can ride sepratley amd get away with tha crazy sh*t we done so far, so i guess we'll jus have to be unstoppable with jus th 3 of us" said sedans
"yup'' said nato
"we gotta think of a plan" said madness
tha group sat daown next to each other to figure some new ways of getting done every single thing that has to be done
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By cars358
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:roll: :roll:
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By Sedans
cars358 wrote::roll: :roll:
wtf thats just pointless
By Miller
I guess that's another way of saying boring. Dude probably just doesn't like to seem redundant. Always has something nice to say, though, and that's what I like about cars358. Driverdood, too.
By nitrored
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^thanks 4 not including me lol :lol: :wink:
By Miller
LOL! That's funny. I just hope cars358 doesn't take me too seriously. Probably not too clever of me to put him in a category with that Driverdood guy. I'd hate to have my head taken off as a stiff price for some cheap (and I hope friendly) banter.

Thanks for the reply, man.
Last edited by Miller on Fri Apr 06, 2007 9:34 am, edited 1 time in total.
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By Sedans
lmafo thats funny yo... Driverboob is gone forever though so dont worry about him
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By bryand751
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back to the story.
while the three were trying to think of a plan then bryand751 with tons of
weopons and asked if he could join them and did.the 4 went out and saw
bryand751s armored copter with a pair weopons on it.the 4 got in and got
to natos house in less 3 minits.bryand751 had 4 of each weopon and gave
one of each to everyone.he gave some pop to everyone and 2 to madnes.
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By Sedans
Um OK.

Way to put yourself in the story ;)

Unfortunately Miller hasn't made a post in about 5 months.

Thats too bad yo. Miller really was the one that kept these stories going. Well, ME and Miller. Many people have contributed to these stories, unfortunately they all got old and died down. Nice of you to add imput anyways. =) Maybe, just maybe, Ill start trying to bring these stories back.
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By bryand751
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the only reason i did that was cause im not included in anything.
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By bryand751
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i will help you with that cause i want to do that to.

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