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By Sedans
bryand751 wrote:i will help you with that cause i want to do that to.
OK =)
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By DriverKid
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Ok back to the actual story (Im goint to put myself in now lol)
"Ok we need a new car, I think the Mustang got busted up when we got up to Jorge's house. That thing is pretty low."
Sedans went and looked under the car and groaned.
"The whole front axel is busted. We'll need a new car."
The group roamed the road until they saw a idling Honda Van outside a supermarket. Nato took the wheel and they went off with a small skid. Meanwhile, in downtown, DriverKid was enjoying the sights New York. His parents had finally let him take a trip there after months of begging them. Just as he was crossing the street the Honda came flying around the corner with a cop hot on it's tail. DriverKid had to jump for his lift to not get killed. The cop had to avoid DriverKid, who was lying on the pavement, and flew into a traffic light. It fell down on his car, disabling it and knocking him out. Sedans got Nato to stop. "Dude stop the van, you almost hit that kid!" he screamed at him. The van skidded to a stop. Madness hopped out of the van quickly.
"Kid, get the heck outta here, we'll all get in trouble if the police come soon!" Madness cried at him.
"Why would you guys get in trouble?" DriverKid replied. Nato popped the trunk and showed him the cache of weapons.
"Listen." DK said. "I have $1,000, and I'll give you it if you let me come with you guys."
Nato went back and disscussed with the others.
"Alright. You'll replace out last member who betrayed us. Know how to use a gun?" Sedans said to him.
"I've played enough Driv3r and DPL on my Xbox to know how." he said back, sort of smirking. They all got into the Honda and sped off, just as a bunch of cop cars came at them.
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By Nikusakken
them, suddenly, they escaped from the cops, but they hit in a Chevrolet Corvette drived by Nick Brasil (or only Nick).

"Hey, you destryed... Hey I know you" -Nick
"Oh, hi Nick. Sorry for your car" -madness
"No problem" -Nick
"The cops are coming". - sedans
"Don't worry. Run, I take them out !" -Nick

Nick toke his two silver Hekle amd Hock USP Tatical and shot at the police cars thinking that he was playing Counter-Strike. The police cars blowed up.

"Follow Me" -Nick
"LOL ! Nice house" -DriverKid
"In that room, there's a lot guns, like bazookas, katanas, machine guns and others." -Nick
"What is that room downstairs ?" -madness
"My car's garage: Lamborghinis, Ferraris and others.
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By Sedans
Sedans looked at the guns in disgust..

"Wheres da motherfukin Glock 17?"
Nick stood for a second, then he showed sedans a little room..

"Heres all my glock pistols:" Nick said..

after a moment of total silence..

"I luv u" (NO HOMO) said sedans (LOL)

Looking in awe, Sedans grabbed a glock 17..

He went back into the room with all the other weapons and spoted a MAC 10, Sedans grabbed that too..

As everyone headed for the living room, sedans asked Nick,

"ay you mind if I keep these, you know , just in case?"
"No," said Nick, "You can keep em"

Ok, so ...

(Ok, now Im at the part in the story where I was going to make us have some sort of a plot, but I just realized- Whats the point?

We need a plot now, so someone think of something, and continue from where we left off..)

(Oh yeah, and I have a surprise for yall later yo, in the story that is...)
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By DriverKid
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DriverKid gasped and couldn't wait to see the cars, and Madness couldn't wait to see the room with all the weapons. DriverKid was walking towards the garage when Madness yanked him back by his collar to go to the weapons room.
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By Nikusakken
There a lot of powerful guns there, they take some, go to the garege, takes a car and they go to Brooklyn. There they meet Harlequin, a very intelligent girl with the power to beat almost everyone.
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By DriverKid
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bb_42001 wrote:she beat me, and i cried like a little girl
DriverKid laughed, then shut up when she stared at him angrly. He shut up and glanced at Madness, who was grinning at the crying guy and the person who was scared to hell!
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By madness
madness pulls out his gun and shoots bb_42001 in the head.
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By DriverKid
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madness wrote:madness pulls out his gun and shoots bb_42001 in the head.
DriverKid, now scared of TWO people, decides to sneak out and look at the cars, he succeeds and almost does a backflip as he sees the amazing sports cars in the garage! Saleens, Lambos, Ferraris, Masaratis and all sorts of amazing supercars!
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By Nikusakken
Nick them takes his two saw off shotgunsand shot everyone.
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By madness
Except for madness, who teams up with Nick on the hunt for Jericho.
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By DriverKid
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Nick Brasil wrote:Nick them takes his two saw off shotgunsand shot everyone.
Am I shot whilst in the garage?

Anyways, Nick and Madness hop into a nearby sports car, and head off. Madnesses cell phone rings, and it's Jerico, taunting them.
"You'll find me at where the world ends, and hell begins." Jerico says, then hangs up the phone.
Madness, being smart says "New Jersey" and floors the gas pedal.
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By madness
"DriverKid", thinks about all his best mates Sedans, Lseven7, Coyote,
nato777, Miller, DPLkicksASS, bryand751 and Daltarin-Elite who where shot by Nick. "DriverKid" quietly hopes out the trunk of the moving vehicle and moves himself into the back seat. He pulls out a semi-automatic pistol and points it at Nick whose driving and says give me one god reason why I shouldn't kill you.
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By Nikusakken
Nick says "I am the only that can bring back to live everyonr that I shot. If you kill me, you'll never they again". DriverKid, after some time, doesn't shot at Nick, but is planning something when he bring back to life everyone that he shot down.

They them arrives to New Jersey.
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By Nikusakken
First, they all do a battle with Jericho, but Jericho escapes. They them pursuit him, and Jericho crashed on Tannner's car. Tanner becomes pissed off, and kicks Jericho in his face and toke a car and ran over him (but he didn't died, instead, Tanner arrested him).

Nick them bring back to live everyone that he shot down. DriverKid them throws Nick in the front of a Train, and dies. But a screen written "Restart?" appears, and someone choose "yes", and Nick returns to life.

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