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Hi there, I'm new on this forum and i'm mostly familiair with the PSX version of Driver 1 (and in particular, Driver 2). I've been using Lolza's Repack for Driver 1 (PC) and this it's pretty neat! :D. I have a few questions regarding the PC version:

1) The repack fixes the music looping after 5 secs issue, but I noticed that the music restarts after pausing and unpausing it: is that normal behavior for the PC version? (As on the PSX the music pauses and then just continues when unpausing)

2) The "hard/full steer" does not seem to steer the tires further then it normally does? Or is this effect not visible on the carmodel?

3) Is it not possible to map the "look back" function to a combination of keys? Like using L2 (Look left) + R2 (Look right) on the PSX version? (I like the rearview mirror in this version though)

As for an actual technical issue, I also noticed that the game does not recognize the triggers of my PS4 controller? (setup as a X360 controller), does this not work for anyone else?
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