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By Anon Ymous
Hello everybody,
I'm here to ask you community of Driver, for help for a queer issue. Yesterday I wanted to reinstall Driver 1, after a HDD format as part of old games' bundle of my childhood. I had the file image, so it installed it right and I overwrote with the year 2000 patch and the latest community patch. Game is fine, but...there are no wheels. Every car, including mine, has no wheels. I thought it was a texture or renderer issue, so I tried to change configuration (with dgVoodoo), compatibility settings and other attempts, but the problem persists. Anyone knows why my Driver shows no wheels?
By Anon Ymous
Nevermind...I solved. After writing this post I saw an old one where the missing wheels were mentioned, and it was advised to install the US latest patch or switch wrapper. I tried the US patch and as feared of course it crooked the game, sometimes didn't start or started with wrong language entries, so I reinstalled it and set the wrapper to 3dfx Glide and Voodoo, both worked with the community patch and the wheels were there. Thanks anyways.
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