Official Driver Madness announcements will be posted here.
Hello everyone and thank you for your patience as for the past week the forums were down while we were conducting a forum upgrade of critical importance.

Here are some of the new features and updates:
  • phpBB forum software has been updated to latest stable version - there shouldn't be any issues anymore with errors showing up and spambots.
  • Driver Madness is now General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant. The GDPR Policy can be read here.
  • A new Steam integration has been added which allows login via Steam, as well as integration in the profile and signature.
  • To complete the look at the main index page of the forums there is now a sidebar! Currently featuring three embedded albums by Allister Brimble.
  • The section previously known as Downloads has been now renamed as Official Media. It's going to host Driver media of official and semi-official nature. This change was also needed in order to make space for a fully functional Downloads section on which I'm currently working on and expected to be activated in the coming weeks.
  • Several emojis used in the Discord server have been added here as well. If there's a demand, even more can be added.
  • Finally, The Driver Syndicate and REDRIVER2 forum categories have been added. They will be fully moderated by SOAP.
There will be even more changes due to be announced soon! Meanwhile, if you encounter issues or have any suggestions, feel free to leave a comment.

Huge thanks to bb_42001 for helping with the paid plugins and granting me permission to perform this upgrade.
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