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DRIVER '76 Review - Driver Madness
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By Driver911
[left]http://i189.photobucket.com/albums/z74/ ... 113464.jpg[/left]Reviewed by: Driver911
Game Experience Level: Finished Storyline, Own every game in series.
Thoughts: Positive +
Platform: PSP
Difficulity: Easy
You like this if you'd like: Driver: Parallel Lines etc.


Once again, we can get behind the wheel
in the 70s in New York and around like
bad---es and on the same time
feel like we are in Hollywood for real!


The Basic
Playing all kinds of games on the little handheld console, PSP, can get you into a world with a lot of fun.
DRIVER '76 brings you the memories from Parallel Lines and Driv3r in your hands again.
Everything in game happens 2 years before parallel lines, and you are The Driver, Ray, and your best 'friend' is Slink.
You're gonna have to risk everything, but in the same time, you'll be having some cool times with a lot of action while doing it in your top-tuned, customized muslcle car, or that big firetruck over there!
The Hollywood Car chase scenes ain't gone.

The game is simply one big masterpiece, especially for the fans of the Driver series.
D'76 has a Storyline, dozens of Side Jobs and the good old Take A Ride!
It's no longer an always active sandbox gameplay like in Parallel Lines - it has changed and it looks like the previous games in the driver series, where you could choose Take A Ride, Driving Games, etc..
A multi-player mode is added so if you have a friend that's cool enough to have Driver '76 on his PSP, you two could have a nice time playing D'76!

The Gameplay
- llllllllll
Like the old games in the series, Driver has always been realistic and Reflections don't want anything like flying cars, ufo's, aliens, zombies and stuff.
Their car handling has been the best ever seen in the Mission Based Driving game category. The handling from the original Driver and Driver 2 is almost gone.
The handling from Driv3r got changed when Paralle Lines came, so the handling in D'76 reminds very much of the handling from Parallel Lines.
You may still feel the new strange turns, but that's cause you don't hear the burning rubber from the tires when turning softly.
The camera is also acting slow and different so it will look a little changed but other than that, it's still the good old Driver we have.

TK is not hard to steer. If you didn't had any problems in Parallel Lines, then this should be easy.
In fact, D'76 is easier - It's made for the PSP, which means that the things you're doing are half as hard as they were in Parallel Lines.
So, the missions can sometimes feel too easy, but trust me, you getting all the action you want!

You're The Driver - I already said that but only for telling you know that it's a game where you drive.
So, No, you cannot fly planes, you cannot get in boats and you cannot fly an ufo cause there ain't any.
Some game developers let their low experienced charectar fly worlds largest jumbo jet. Reflections is not one of them.
When Reflections say DRIVER, they mean DRIVER.

The Graphics
- llllllllll
..Looks awesome on the little console. Most of the city is ported from Parallel Lines.
The car crashes looks nice, the fast driving and shooting looks great as it always have been and New York looks beautiful.
The cars looks beautiful as they always did and the drawing distance is better than many other hot titles. I mean, You can see the buldings in New York City from Jersey man! It gives a little cute feeling when playing on the PSP!

The Psychics
- llllllllll
That is one of the most special things in Driver. The Driv3r engine contains some special power within, we don't notice.
The car accidents are made to be realistic, the driving of a vehicle is made to look like in real world.
Many other Modern Action Adventure 3rd Person games contain vehicles you can drive, but you just won't feel the realism.
The gravity in D'76 feels like those we've seen in Parallel Lines. It's cool to see flying car parts or rolling cones on the PSP.
So, a little-to-medium version of the Driv3r engine is running on the PSP. That would kinda be like having a game which runned by a little version of the Unreal or Source Engine on PSP.


If we go back were 2D games were popular, then you gotta remember that the traffic in driving games was created for difficulity.
Now, they are here to make the game realistic and give the game a real look. I agree on that there should be more traffic in some areas in D'76, but many roads do have traffic and some have alot of traffic.
The funny thing is, when Parallel Lines came, people said "TOO MUCH TRAFFIC!!!", and now "EMPTY ROADS!!!", now please decide!
One of the things that makes Driver to a awesome game, is its engine that has some unique psychics.

The Sound - llllllllll
Nothing new. Still the same old sound effects.
You can still hear the different motor sounds on different cars.
But, it's still the same background city sound, accident sounds etc..
It still makes the game to its best.

The Music - llllllllll
...Is sure one of the best things in the game!
Heavy Funk from the 70s man! You'll get to hear David Bowie and many other cool artists with great tracks!
While you hear them, you'll get the full Living-In-New York-In-The-70s feel!
You can get that feel from Driver ONLY and no other game.


The game contains alot of very cool/movie inspired missions and dozens of side missions as Taxi Driver, Street Racing, Curcuit Racing, Stick Up, Destruction Derby etc..
The driver series has always been the games that gave the full 70s feel, the best car chases and the coolest stories!
The game hits the point once again!

9.6 / 10 - Very Awesome! - By Amir G.

[right]http://i189.photobucket.com/albums/z74/ ... 76logo.jpg[/right]
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By Coyote
Cool ! Good review ! I'll have to make on too ...
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By Driver911
Thanks Skeleton and Coyote.

Yeah, it took some time. When I'm gonna review games, I want it to look good. I didn't choose much pictures..:S.
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By nobodie902
Nice. Tell more about multiplayer, and it would be cool to see more screenshots.
By Miller
If we go back were 2D games were popular, then you gotta remember that the traffic in driving games was created for difficulty. Now, they are here to make the game realistic and give the game a real look.
LOL, it seemed like they were still taking that former approach in a certain 'D2' game as well.

I thought that was a very informative and well written review, and I thank the author for posting it.
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By max.thunder
The funny thing is, when Parallel Lines came, people said "TOO MUCH TRAFFIC!!!", and now "EMPTY ROADS!!!", now please decide!
Congratulations,very good review
In my opinion i like the game with a lot of traffic,it makes the game more realistic,but in my opinion the developers should put less traffic at night and more traffic during daylight,i think that is more realistic

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